How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

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How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

Single Christian’s Woman Challenge Day 29.  Click here to see all the days in the month.  Today’s challenge is.

 Alone, but Not Lonely

Prepare a loneliness kit for those days when you just feel all alone.  Ideas of what to include:

As a single woman sometimes you feel lonely.  Your see your friends traveling around with their significant others, you are bridesmaids in yet another wedding, or another “engaged” Facebook status is posted from one of your friends.  It is very easy to feel like you are never going to be a relationship.  And if you are not careful you will get sucked into the singleness black hole, where everything seems hopeless. If there is one thing I learned about being single, is that the single time is the prime time for personal growth.

Here are a few things to help you do just that. So let’s get into it.

How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

Remember things you have accomplished. 

This is a big one for me and it reminds me to keep things into perspective.  It makes me realize that I was not put on this Earth for the sole purpose of a relationship.  Looking at my degrees and other accomplishments in life reminds of a greater purpose.   If you do not have any accomplishments then now would be a good time to get some.  You can go back to school or do something with yourself so that you don’t feel like you are just sitting around, wasting away, doing nothing.  The more things you do to uplift yourself, the less time you have to feel sorry for yourself.

Read the Bible

Yes I know this sounds so cliche, but reading the Bible is a lot more interesting than you think, especially if you get a version that is easy to understand (click here for how to start reading the Bible). Just remember, that there is nothing new under the sun, so no matter how lonely you are and what you are going through, there is someone in the Bible some where that has gone through the same thing.  Are you a woman jumping from one relationship to another, then you may be the Samaritan woman (click here to read my blog on her). If you are single woman who wants to be a queen and is waiting for her king, then you may be like Esther (see my blog here). Are you a single woman going through a hard time waiting for your Boaz? Then you may be Ruth (see my blog here on her). No matter what your singleness story is, there is someone you can relate to in the Bible.

  • The Book of Esther
  • How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve YourselfThe Book of Ruth
  • The story Jacob and Rachel
  • The Story Rebecca and Isaac.

Know that with God, as a Christian woman (single or not) you are never alone (read my blog here on that).  God is always with you and He knows you better than you know yourself.  So you can always talk to Him about your troubles, your fears, and everything in between.  Know that God will make you feel better about your loneliness and whatever else you are going through.  Readung the Bible you are always reminded that God orders your steps.  In each of these stories it shows how God was working behind the scenes, even through the bad times, to orchestrate something great.  And it was through the bad times that God allowed for each person to step into their destiny.  Esther met the King, Ruth Met Boaz, and Jacob met Rachel. So no matter how lonely you feel, remember God is still in control of everything.

Read something

Click here to read my recommendation on books that all women should read, especially when they find themselves getting dragged in relationships time and time again.  Other notable books to read for women who are waiting are:

The reason why I recommend the above books is because the authors were all women who got married over 30 and they waited on God’s time.   Two of them were virgins when they got married and they were over 30! It is a reminder that everything in God’s time, even your husband.  Never get frustrated and never get weary there is someone out there for you.

Your Favorite Movie

This is rather morbid of me, but I like movies that are historically true and are very sad to watch.  It reminds me that there are worse things than being single.  When you think of historical events such as the holocaust, the civil war, or where good people die at the end of movies.  It really puts things into perspective that your life is not that bad.  If watching depressing movies do not float your boat then I recommend watching something that makes you laugh or a good love story.

Your vision board

If you want to see my vision board for 2016 click here  and click here for 2017.  A vision board is a great way to map out your goals and where you want to go in life.  It is a constant reminder of the direction you want to go so that you do not get stuck in one place.  It is a visual aid that you can look at every day and see your progress as well as the progress you still need to make.  Vision boards remind you to always work toward something and to never remain stagnant.  If you want to be married put that on you vision board as well as the traits that you want your man to have.  That way no matter how lonely you get, you are reminded to never settle.

How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

Letters, notes, and Cards you have saved 

This is going to sound strange but I have saved so many notes, cards, and journals. Even from when I was like 14 years old. You can click here for the blog, a letter to my younger self.  I was intense.  Reading past journals makes me realize how much I have grown and I am not the person that I used to be.  Reading about all of my past relationships or reading cards for past boyfriends reminded me that everyone has a reason and season in life.  I can remember I thought I would end up with someone of them but now I see that none of them were right for me.  Reading past notes and letters reminds you that the moment you are in now is just one season of your life and  seasons come and go.  With each season comes new opportunities and blessing, and therefore it is no need to get stuck in a dry season in your life.

Which brings me to my next point. Your journal

When you are lonely write how you feel down and then in a year or two come back and read it and you will see how extra you were being.  I can recall some of my entries from the past were so excessive, that I thought the world was over.  But the world was not over, really the things I was worried about was no big deal. Time does heal all wounds.  That is why important to always write is down what is going on in your life so that when you are in a better place you can see that everything gets better with time.

Live Your Life

When is doubt live your life. Never sit around and watch life pass you (click my blog here). Travel, make a bucket list, and start doing things that make you happy.

How To Be Single and Not Lonely. Ways To Battle Singleness And Improve Yourself

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