Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men

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Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men

Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men

Looking for books for single women? Well look no further. If you are a single woman, a woman that is confused about your relationship, or a woTop 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Menmen that is confused as to why a man is treating you like crap, there is an art behind their madness.  As a single woman there may be some mistakes that you are making or maybe you just need help in understanding how the “game” really goes.

Below are my top recommended books for single women

Number 1: Why Men Marry B*tches and Why Men Love B*tches

Taking the number one spot are Why Men love Bitches and Why Men Marry B*tches.  These are actually two books but I just gave them one spot because they were written by the same woman and essentially have the same ideology.  I have written a review on this book here.  But these two books gives both a funny and no nonsense sense way of making you realize what you may be doing wrong if you are getting dragged in relationships.  It is not about being a Bitch per se, but more about how to stop being a door mat.  As women we are somehow conditioned to become a sex slave and a maid to the man that we are in a relationship with.  Thinking that this is the way to win a man over, when it isn’t.  I won’t spoil the book for you, but both are New York Times Best Sellers and a must read.

Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men


Number 2: Act like a Lady Think Like a Man

Of course this book was going to be on here.  This was one of the first books that really put it out there on what men thought about women (by a man) and what you need to do as a women to see if you are in a relationship that is going somewhere or not.  Steve Harvey’s advice seems very common sense.  But until he laid it out to us, women did not realize the flawed mistakes that we were making in relationships time and time again.  Not only does it name what women are doing wrong, but it also gives insight on what type of man to look for.


Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men

Number 3: Solving Single: How to Get the Ring, Not the Run Around

The author is a blogger turned author and tells it like it is.  I am going to give you fair warning and let you know that there is a lot of vulgar language in the book.  But if you can get pass that there is a wonderfully truthful message in all of it.  Sometimes a no nonsense delivery is needed to get women to open their eyes and stop repeating the same mistakes.  It is a long read, but a good one.


Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men


Number 4:  The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right and Not Your Mother’s Rules: The New Secrets for Dating (The Rules)

Once again these are really two books but I decided to lump the together.  The original Rule book was written some time ago.  I love this book because it goes back to telling women.  There is some timeless advice that never expires and that is what this book is.  The second book “Not Your Mother’s Rules” were written by the daughters on the original author.  Still has the same good advice but adds the advice to the modern day women.  This includes dating and social media or a man texting you instead of calling.  Both are great reads and I could not really choose one over the other, as they both offer wonderful advice.Top 5 Books For Single Women, That Reveal The Truth About Men


Number 5: Play or Be Played: What Every Female Should Know About Men

This book is another no nonsense book written by a man.  Expect vulgar language in his delivery.  But I still enjoyed the book.  The best part is that he breaks women down into categories.  Have you ever wondered why the beautiful video vixen that has nothing going on in her brain or for herself takes the prize over a college educated women that may not as attractive but comes with less baggage.  This book answers that question.  It breaks down how men view women, what type of woman you are, and how to get to change it.

This is my list of top 5 books for single women.  Even though they all have different styles, messages, and delivery, they all have the same message to get across to women.  And that is stop chasing men, stop being a door mat, and realize that you are the prize and not them.  Five books defiantly worth reading.

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  1. I think love has the power to make or break your happiness so I think it’s extremely important for guys and girls to read books on relationships and love. This is a nice list, but I would add the book “Attached” by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller, this book changed how I viewed everything in relationships. I like reading books so great post:)

  2. Omg I so have to check on some of these books. I’m starting to consider i will be forever alone since it seems pretty hard to find someone worth to fight for.

    Thanks for sharing <3 !

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