Make Your Own Memories Even When You’re Single

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Make Your Own Memories Even When You're Single

Make Your Own Memories Even When You're Single

Make Your Own Memories Even When Your Single

Today is the Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 27. Click here to see all the days.

Today’s Challenge is. Day 27: Memories

Create a new memory today. What is something you have always wanted to do but have been putting off doing? Buy a new picture album and start filling it with happy memories.

Today was the day that I took my son to swim class, guitar lessons, and then we went to the movies and while watching the movies we ordered a crap load of food. This is one days of many days that we spend making memories. In fact spending time with my son is often the best memories that I make.  I can recall that there use to be a time that I felt that I had to wait until I was in a relationship to start enjoying life. But then I realized that being single is not some death sentence. Just because you are single it does not mean that you have to sit in the house all day, doing nothing, wondering where my prince charming is, and being all depressed and bent out of shape because of you are single.

If you are that single woman that I just mentioned above, then you have to know that wallowing in self pity is no way to live life. Stopping your life because you feel that you have no significant other to share your life with is crazy. As a single mother I feel like I am rather lucky in that regard. I go out with my son. We go out to eat, go out to the movies, I can always find good company in him.

I am not recommending that anyone become a single mother to cure their loneliness, but what I am saying is that if you are single and lonely you have to live your life and I am sure that there is someone some where that you can go out with to make memories with.  If you don’t then I have a great blog on how you can get out and meet new people so that you can find someone to make memories with (see my blog here).

The bigger issues that I really want to impress upon you is that you cannot sit and wait for a man before you start experiencing life. What if that relationship never happens? What if it happens 10 years from now? Then you will wonder why you wasted all of this time, doing nothing, while you were waiting for a man to enter your Make Your Own Memories Even When You're Singlelife. I know because I have been there. I can recall telling myself that I would like to eat at a certain restaurant when I had a boyfriend knowing that there was no boyfriend in sight. I told myself that I would like to travel or go camping when I get married knowing that there was no possibility of a husband in sight. This type of thinking lead to a lot of waiting. I was waiting for a man to do things that I really wanted to do. And when that man did not come, I got upset and all depressed. Because I wanted to make memories and I felt like I needed a man to do it.  I looked at other people’s relationships via social media and saw them doing all sorts of things, taking couples pictures, and changing their Facebook status to engaged (click here to see why you should not be jealous of other people relationships on social media).

But then I had to stop myself.  And even when you read it, it sounds rather crazy and foolish don’t you think? You only get one life (see my blog here). The moment that you are in right now you will only live once. I remember when I came to the conclusion that every moment is precious, I refuse to let life pass me by. Even if I do not mark off everything on my bucket list then at least I can say that I tried or I came close. And who knows, perhaps while you are out making memories on your own that is when you will meet someone to make memories with.

And even if you have no friends whatsoever and no one who wants to do anything with you.  Then so what! You have yourself and I promise you, you are the best person you can spend time with.  You are stuck with yourself forever so if you do not want to spend time alone, then what does that say about the type of company you are.  Even you are confused about how you can spend time alone, its okay.  I can help you out.  No matter if you want to eat out alone or even travel alone.  It can be done.

See my blogs here on ways to spend time alone:

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Chose to live your life and create memories of your own. With or without a man.

Make Your Own Memories Even When You're Single

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