Sharing My Vision. The Art of a Vision Board

Vision boards are one of those things that you get or don’t get.  Either it can motivate you or remind you of the things you do not have.  I can recall years ago before I had my son I made a vision board.  Some of the things came true, some didn’t, and others I do not even remember.  But this is a new year and time to try something new.  So I made another vision board.

Before I go into what is on my vision board I must let you know that I do not believe that you can just put something on a board and it will come true.  I think that you must still work at what is on your board and help it come true or put yourself in a position for it to come true.  Like I cannot expect to be a public speaker without knowing how to speak and so I may take toast masters or something to sharpen my speaking skills.  I think this was a major failure on my part when it came to my first vision board.  I put it on the board, thought about it, and then hoped and wished that it would come true.  But that did not happen.  The board is not a genie, it requires a lot more effort than looking at it and making a wish.main.original

So let me explain everything that is on my vision board and at the end of the year we will see if any of them came true or are close to coming true.

Carrie Bradshaw– She is on my vision board because I love her and the fictional character that she is.  I do not want to be running around having sex in the city or getting into bad a reckless relationships.  But what I do want from her is her fashion sense.  Her ability to put outfits together and standout with her own unique style.  I also want her job.  Well maybe not her exact job as a sex columnist.  But I love to write and I think that being able to work for yourself doing what you love is the wonderful thing and the thing that a strive for, which is why she made my board.

Writer- Which is also why this laptop writing made my board.  I would love to make a full time living from the convenience of my computer that is one of my ideal jobs.

Speaking– Along with writing I want to speak.  I want to go in front of people and motivate them to do and be better.  I have done counseling for so long I wish to take my encouragement to the masses.

Porsha Williams- I love her but make no mistake about it I do not want to be like her.  But what I do want is that body.  I feel like her body signifies healthy.  She does not look like she is starving, she still have curves, and this is why she made the board.  I have gained so much weight I want to lose weight but, I do not want to look like I am emaciated. I want to keep my curves but still have a flat stomach.Porsha-Williams

Healthy Eating– Which is why I added healthy eating.  I have done so many diets.  Some in which I have lost 15 pounds in two weeks.  But guess what?  None of it stuck.  I gained even more back! Instead I am making a lifestyle change to be more careful about what I eat.  Making a conscience effort to eat healthy and drink a lots of water.

Money- Who does not want money.  But money for me is beyond the love of money.  I do not want money so that I can buy a bunch of overpriced things and then post them on social media to show how much “money” I have.  It is more than that for me.  It is about wanting the financial freedom do things I want to do.  To travel, save up for my son’s college fund, or have once in a life time experience.  And I would like to make the money the way that I want to make it, by working for myself.  Anyone can work for themselves but the real question is are they successful at it and do they make money doing it?

Travel- This ties into money.  I want to travel.  I love to travel.  Being a military brat I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and I love it.  I think traveling is one of those things that you should enjoy in life and I want to do it in style and with my family. Which is why I have that awesome overwater bungalow, because that is the type of travel that I want to do.

A mansion- I just recently relocated to the DC area and my first home is on the market.
I loved the first home I bought and when I moved out of it I told myself that I wanted to move up and not back.  Meaning that I wanted bigger and not smaller.  I put this modern home up there because I want a unique home that represents me.  Now I do not know if I would be able to get in this year or ever, but some time in my life it would be amazing to own a mansion.

Mystery Man- If you look there is a man in the corner that is my mystery man and future husband.  In case you do not know I am not married.  I have come to be okay with that but that does not mean that I do not ever want to get married.  I am over 30 finishing up my PhD.  There is no more education for me after that and I thiModern-Mansion-on-Sunset-Plaza-Drive-designrulz-7nk I am in a great place to meet my future husband.

Marriage- To expect to meet my husband this year and get married is a little ambitious. But since I see it in my future I figure I mine as well put it on my vision board now.  Which is what that woman in the wedding dress represents.  Notice that uniqueness in the dress.  That dress represents me.  I do not want to be any bride, I want to be a unique bride with a unique husband which is why I chose that style of dress.

That is the end of my vision board and I must say that is was fun.  If you wish to make a vision board make it your own.  Here are some recommendations I suggests.

  • Put things on there that represent you and where you want to be.
  • Put things on there that you actually want to achieve.
  • Put things on there that have purpose and are not shallow. You can have things of luxury but try to have meaningful things of luxury.  Not things like you want a cheetah and a diamond leash to walk it.  Be for real.
  • Do not just look at your board, look at your board and actively work toward your board.
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  1. I love visionary boards!!! They are awesome!

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