How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise

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How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise

How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise

The old saying is that the biggest thing that is going to aid your weight lost is the way you eat.  This is how to lose 6 pounds in one week with no exercise. But keep in mind if you do exercise you can lose more.

I mentioned before in a previous blog that I am on a journey to weight lost since I have gained so much weight in the past two years. To kick off my weight lost I started with getting smart lipo (see my blog here for more on that).  But I am also not naïve enough to think that having plastic surgery is the end all to my weight lost journey.  I really need to learn to live a healthy lifestyle unless I want to just keep getting lipo (I don’t). And this was straight eating habits.  I did not exercise.  I know I should, but I didn’t.  But more importantly I think this shows how important eating habits are in losing weight and combining it with exercise will only make you lose more weight.

So with my procedure my doctor has provided his free weight lost program that has a strike diet plan. Or I should say eating lifestyle.

The first phase of the diet is called the detox phase, which I plan to stay in for a whole month. It is where you lose the most weight.  Last week was week one of my diet and I lost 6 pounds.  Which seems great to most people but my goal was to really lose 10 pounds last week.  Extreme I know, but what can I say, I can be the queen of unrealistic expectations.

So let’s get into what I ate shall we.

For Breakfast:

How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise

For breakfast it is pretty much the same every day. I eat 100 calories of vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  I also drink coffee with a non-dairy creamer and artificial sweeter.  On a rare occasion I have eggs whites as well.

For Snack.

How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise


Every day I have to eat an apple, it speeds up your metabolism. And my other snacks alternate from having another fruit of choice such as a kiwi or kale chips that I make myself.  For week one I would have all three of these for snack most days.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner are pretty much the same. Typically, when I make dinner I make enough of it so that I can take it to lunch the next day. The first and more important thing that I eat are veggies.  Spinach, kale, and salad in particular.  On my diet you can have as many green leafy vegetables as you want.  I also at some asparagus on one or two days of the week.  I am also able to have meat.  For the first week I limited my meat to either steak or chicken thighs (limit the beef though).  I cooked the meat on the stove and used sea salt, pepper, and sometimes curry powder to season it.  I will also throw in some eggs in the pan on occasion if I did not eat an egg for breakfast.  Also for the first week, I was really stuck on tofu and ate it often for lunch and dinner.  When I cooked the meat or tofu, I mixed in vegetable such as mushrooms or carrots.



Side note: I went out to Chilli’s and you can still eat healthy if you go out.  You don’t have to limit yourself.  I chose this dish (steak and salad) and it went right along with my diet.  Check out my blog on to eat healthy while eating out.



I am actually allowed to have a few things for dessert. I can have sugar free pudding and/or mousse from the Jell-O brand.  I normally have mousse. I eat about three of those a day.  I am also allowed to have fruit Popsicle up to three times a day.  Typically, I only eat about one a day.  And once a week I am able to have three vanilla wafers, which I had the last day of my diet.How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise



Water is important that goes without saying. That is the only beverage I am drinking so far.  And at minimum I have to drink four 16oz bottles of water a day.  More if you can fit it in.  Since I am not a naturally thirsty person, I just drank the 4 bottles, I rarely go over.

Things you should not do

Over season your food or even season it at all.  Seasoning has alot of sodium in it.  If you must try to use something like Ms. Dash that has not sodium or a small amount of sea salt. Salt can make you retain weight which will hinder your weight lost.

No can foods.  Not even veggies from a can.  Opt for fresh or frozen veggies.

Limit the beef or no beef.  Even though I had a steak.  I had it once throughout the week.  Steak is something that can stick your bones for a few says and make you gain weight.


Following this diet is how I lost 6 points a week.  I have been getting all of my groceries from Amazon Fresh, which I love.  It removes a lot of temptation from getting food from the grocery store if the healthy food I want is delivered at my door step.

And here is just a quick snapshot of my grocery list of things I ate in a week.

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How To lose 6 Pounds In a Week With No Exercise


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