How I Lost 6 Pounds In One Week With No Exercise

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I mentioned before in a previous blog that I am on a journey to weight lost since I have gained so much weight in the past two years. To kick off my weight lost I started with getting smart lipo (see my blog here for more on that).  But I am also not naïve enough to think that having plastic surgery is the end all to my weight lost journey.  I really need to learn to live a healthy lifestyle unless I want to just keep getting lipo (I don’t). And this was straight eating habits.  I did not exercise.  I know I should, but I didn’t.  But more importantly I think this shows how important eating habits are in losing weight and combining it with exercise will only make you lose more weight.  0070470433290_cf_hyvee_default_large

So with my procedure my doctor has provided his free weight lost program that has a strike diet plan. Or I should say eating lifestyle.

The first phase of the diet is called the detox phase, which I plan to stay in for a whole month. It is where you lose the most weight.  Last week was week one of my diet and I lost 6 pounds.  Which seems great to most people but my goal was to really lose 10 pounds last week.  Extreme I know, but what can I say, I can be the queen of unrealistic expectations.

So let’s get into what I ate shall we.

For Breakfast:

For breakfast it is pretty much the same every day. I eat 100 calories of vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  I also drink coffee with a non-dairy creamer and artificial sweeter.  On a rare occasion I have eggs whites as well.

19625648 - homemade organic green kale chips with salt and oilFor Snack.

Every day I have to eat an apple. And my other snacks alternate from having another fruit of choice such as a kiwi or kale chips that I make myself.  For week one I would have all three of these for snack most days.

For Lunch and Dinner.

Lunch and Dinner are pretty much the same. Typically, when I make dinner I make enough of it so that I can take it to lunch the next day. The first and more important thing that I eat are veggies.  Spinach, kale, and salad in particular.  On my diet you can have as many green leafy vegetables as you want.  I also at some asparagus on one or two days of the week.  I am also able to have meat.  For the first week I limited my meat to either steak or chicken thighs.  I cooked the meat on the stove and used sea salt, pepper, and sometimes curry powder to season it.  I will also throw in some eggs in the pan on occasion if I did not eat an egg for breakfast.  Also for the first week, I was really stuck on tofu and ate it often for lunch and dinner.  When I cooked the meat or tofu, I mixed in vegetable such as mushrooms or carrots.



Side note: I went out to Chilli’s and you can still eat healthy if you go out.  You don’t have to limit yourself.  I chose this dish (steak and salad) and it went right along with my diet.  Check out my blog on to eat healthy while eating out.


For Dessert

I am actually allowed to have a few things for dessert. I can have sugar free pudding and/or mousse from the Jell-O brand.  I normally have mousse. I eat about three of those a day.  I am also allowed to have fruit popsicles up to three times a day.  Typically, I only eat about one a day.  And once a week I am able to have three vanilla wafers, which I had the last day of my diet.dark-choc-decad-6p


Water is important that goes without saying. That is the only beverage I am drinking so far.  And at minimum I have to drink four 16oz bottles of water a day.  More if you can fit it in.  Since I am not a naturally thirsty person, I just drank the 4 bottles, I rarely go over.

All in all I lost 6 pounds in a week. Since my goal is to lose 10 next week I have decided to make some alterations to my diet.  They include cutting out the amount of desserts I eat.  Instead of three Jell-O puddings, I will eat one or two a day.  Instead of 3 fruit popsicles, I eat bout one every other day.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress. I did not take pictures just because you cannot really tell the different with my body with 6 pounds.  So I will reserve the pictures for the major weight lost moments.

I have been getting all of my groceries from Amazon Fresh, which I love. And here is just a quick snapshot of my grocery list of things I ate in a week.

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2 Comments on How I Lost 6 Pounds In One Week With No Exercise

  1. wow!! So insightful.. very impressive and such a healthy way to lose weight! So proud of you. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. moriahtaylor // January 25, 2017 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    Good for you! Imagine if you had exercised!

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