Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

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Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

Taking a Myrtle Beach Vacation is a good idea on so many levels.  The major thing being is that it is a good family vacation to take, especially if you take a vacation on North Myrtle Beach that is more private and away  from the parties and clubs.

My Myrtle Beach Vacation was a family friendly one.  Most of my family went for the 4th of July and for my son’s birthday which was on the 3rd of July.  Here is a rundown of our Myrtle Beach Vacation that was very budget friendly.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Where To Stay

We ended up getting a place to stay from Home Away.  It was a three bedroom condo in which there were two beds in two of the bedrooms, a pull out coach, and a master bedroom.  The condo also had a beach front view and on the 4th of July people shot fireworks from the beach that we just sat and watched.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

We stayed in one of the cheaper condos from Home Away which was a money saver and the fact that it had a kitchen was also a huge money saver.  We only ended up eating out for dinner most nights and for breakfast and lunch we ate the groceries we brought and stored in the Kitchen.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

Myrtle Beach Vacation Where to Eat

A really popular option for Myrtle Beach is the all you can eat buffet.  Normally I am not a huge fan of buffets but buffets in this area are different in the fact that it specializes in seafood.  I am a seafood lover especially crab legs so this was a good thing.  The buffet normally runs around $25 to $35 per person. And although it does seem a lot it is a seafood buffet and at some places ordering a seafood entrée can cost just as much as this buffet.

The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood.

I feel like this is by far the best seafood buffet I visited so far.  They have tons of seafood and they have a lot of specialty dishes that include seafood in them such as shrimp and grits. They have a 170 item buffet and is award winning and have been seen on TV.  It is worth the price.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

The Giant Crab

Is another seafood buffet. They too have 170 item buffet.  But in my opinion their food was not as good as the Benjamin’s place.  They did have seafood but they had more of a generic buffet selection in my opinion. They did have a good kid’s selection buffet option though. They had a separate area with goods that typically most kids want.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas


For my son’s birthday we decided to go to Dick’s because it would be a fun experience. If you are not familiar with Dick’s it is where the wait staff is rude to you for no reason and on purpose.  It is a part of the gimmick.  My family had fun for the most part, except for my aunt where she actually got offended. So if you are sensitive I would not recommend you go here.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

Myrtle Beach Vacation What To Do

Staying at North Myrtle Beach was a prime location. It is not too busy and there is a lot to do. The first thing to do is the obvious and that is to go chill on the beach.  The beach from our condo was literally a quick walk away.  So it was fun to just chill on the beach and it is free by the way.


Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

The next fun thing to do was to go sit at the pool. It was pretty hot in SC so taking a quick swim in the pool was a way to cool down and the pool was right in front of our condo and included in our condo rental.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

OD Pavilion Amusement Park

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas


The fair was about a half mile from our condo and we were able to walk there.  It was like an old fair like back in the day. It had a carnival and some really good old school carnival rides and food.  There was this one ride my son and I got on that we seriously under estimated.  It did not seem like a big deal but once we got on it and it was caged in we were flying all over the place.  The carnival was not really busy and we were able to get on all the rides by buying an all you can ride band for like $20.


Shopping – Tangler Outlets

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

One of the places to walk around and go shopping is the Tangler outlets.  Which is an outdoor outlet mall with tons of shops and is good for a chill day.  The good thing about the outlets is that you do not have to spend money if you don’t have to. You can walk around and/or shop.  They had some really good deals there.

Laser Tag

For my son’s birthday the entire family went to laser tagging and it was really fun.  We got to play about three or 4 games for a set price.

Myrtle Beach Vacation ~ Budget Friendly Ideas

Myrtle Beach Vacation Getting Around

However it is that you choose to get to Myrtle Beach you are going to need a car.  Everything is something that you have to drive to.

To Check Out The Full Myrtle Beach Vacation You Can Feel Free To Watch  My Son’s Video


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