My Vision Board For 2017. If You Can See It Then You Can Achieve It. The Art of A Vision Board.

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Now that the year has come to a close it is time to reflect on the next year. I personally feel that laying out all of your goals for the year AND timelines in which you want to achieve them will assist you in completing your goals and staying on track.15542260_1541395419210317_2360156933504851304_n

I did a vision board last year (click here to see that) about the goals that I wanted to achieve. I personally think that my goals were way too broad.  So when it came down to this year, I decided to go with more tangible goals that I feel I could complete in a year.

First I want to re-visit my goals from last year. The goals that I felt I achieved or made progress toward was

There were also things this year that I accomplished that were not on my vision board such as passing my certification and becoming a National Certified Counselor.

Now that I have bored you enough with a re-cap of last year’s goals and accomplishments I want to get into this year’s vision board.

This year’s vision board does not have as much stuff on it as last year, BUT I feel that it is a good thing because that way I should be able to accomplish all of my goals as oppose to just some of them. So let’s get started.

hbz-best-of-carrie-bradshaw-50Create an Amazing E-Course: In case you do not know I have done individual counseling for so long that I really want to expand helping people the masses, which is why I created an e-course.  Yes, that is right, it is already created.  Of course it needs some fine turning but ideally I would like for it to be out next year.  And in case you are curious the topic of the e-course is to help people draw out their road map to success and help them find their purpose.  And it is a course designed for everyone, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Carrie Bradshaw: She as on my vision board last year.  What can I say.  I love her.  I want to be just like her aside from the fact that she had sex with everyone.  Of course as you know I am celibate (read my blog here on why).  But aside from all of that.  I love what she symbolizes.  I love her fashion, I love the fact that she is a writer and writes for women, I love the fact that she is sophisticated, and I aspire to be like her on some level. As an added bonus check out how you can get the Carrie Bradshaw look for less.

I love Blogging: I really do! I love helping people.  But I also want to get more serious with my blogging, be more consistent, and transition to a full time blogger.  That can also go for my YouTube channel.  I need to be more consistent with my videos and my content.  So both are a goal for this year.

Doctorate: For those who do not know I am a PhD student and I am almost finish!  I amashley-graham-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-2016 in the final stages of my dissertation, so the goal for the year is to hurry up and finish…. like ASAP.

Travel: I did some traveling this year and of course I want to do more.  I love going place and seeing new things.  I already have some places in my head that I want to visit this year. I will keep you guys posted as I go.

Ashley Graham: She is on my board because she is fab!  I love her body and I love her confidence.  Let’s face it, I am getting older. I am over 30!  It is possible that I will never be a size 5 again!  I have come to learn that it is okay.  My goals are to be healthy and to have a body that I am proud of.  And it does not matter if it is a thicker body, I just want to feel good about myself and look good in a bathing suit.

Well that is about it for my goals. I have also taken the time to write out my goals specifically and the time frame I want to complete each by, in a separate word document.  I recommend everyone do the same.

What are you goals for next year?