Single Woman’s Challenge Day 21: Get Social And Meet People Online

Today is Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 21.  Click here to see the whole month.

Today’s Challenge is

Day 21: Get social.

Join or start some sort of social group. It could be a book club, sports, photography group, hiking, etc. Whatever you are interested in find a group and get social.

Being social is one of the things I am bad at.  I really enjoy being by myself.  I also know that there are some extreme introverts out there who do not want to go in public to meet people.  It is a good thing that we are living in the age of technology because you can literally “get social” via the internet without having to worry about going out into public and looking awkward.   

Facebook groups

There are Facebook groups for almost anything. If you are a mom, a single woman, or if you are breathing you can probably find a Facebook group that you can join and relate to other people.  Facebook groups are good if you want to relate to someone online.  I would not bet on actually meeting someone in your Facebook group in person.  However, many people find meaningful relationships via social media.  So I have heard.

Online Forums

Online forums are like Facebook groups in the sense that you can find a forum for anything that you are interested in.  If to contribute to the forum then you can really socialize with some new people online.   Also, like Facebook groups you are not likely to meet people outside of the forum.  But it is a great way to connect with people and find someone to talk to when you are bored.  Some of my favorite online forums are.

Lipstick Alley: Don’t judge me, this is mostly women coming together to talk about anybody and anything….mostly gossip.  And they have every topic imaginable some people there are little nuts.  But I still love the site.

Pinky Promise: This is an exception to the rule at the fact that it is an online forum BUT they have local chapters where people meet up in person.    I have never met up in person but it is still an option.  The site is focused on single Christian women.

If you are really looking at taking your internet connections off line there are a few ways to do that as well.

The first an obvious is online dating.  I have written few posts about online dating so if you want to know more on how to be safe click here and tips to online date click here.

Another option is online matchmaking services.  One that I know about is It’s Just Lunch.  This is where matchmakers set you up, set up your date, and you meet the person there.  You can also have an online profile.  But it is a quick and easy carefree way to meet people. And pretty expensive.

Meet Up

This is the easiest and obvious choice at the fact that you go on the site, enter your zip code, and find a group that you are interested in.  Each group has “meet ups” posted and you can attend them in person.  Once again there is a meet up for everything.  Whatever interest you have, even if it is staring at a candle in the dark fetish, they probably have a meet up for that. You can even sign up for a speed dating meet up, they have a lot of them if you are searching for a romantic connection.

Places To Stay Away from

I would stay away from getting social on Craigslist.  It just comes across as a little creepy to me.  There are sex traffickers on Craigslist and let’s not forget there was a serial killer on Craigslist.  So I would not even chance

Creepy people who send creepy emails claiming to be royalty AND asking you to send them money.  This may seem like common sense but some people want to make a connection so bad that they are willing to believe anything.  When they see an email of a royal princess that can give them a million dollars if they only pay $10,000…..they do it.  It has gotten so complex that they actually “make a connection” with this person over phone or email. This way it is easier for the person to scam you out of you money….don’t fall for it.

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2 Comments on Single Woman’s Challenge Day 21: Get Social And Meet People Online

  1. What a great resource for single women. I agree that no one should use Craigslist as a dating site – that’s extremely dangerous. This generation is blessed to have social media and the internet to further options of meeting good, quality people. I like your idea of Meet Up as a way for singles to find one another, enjoy activities together and maybe find a perfect love match.

  2. Facebook groups have been amazing for me especially being a new mom. It makes it easier to find like minded people.

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