God, I am Lonely and Single

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So many people do not understand that their relationship with God is the best relationship that you can ever have.  And even if you feel lonely and single, you have to understand that you are never really alone as long as you have God.  I know it can be hard because God seems like so me guy in the sky, but that is so far from the truth (Click my blog here on how to talk to God). Many people get upset because they feel like they do not have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or regular friends they can turn to with all of their problems. Or when things hit the fan with these people they fall into self pity claiming they have no one that is on their side. I am going to level with you so that you can learn the truth about people.

People will let you down. I do not care how many friends you have or what relationships you are in, you cannot expect other people to be perfect and you cannot expect other people to always be there for you. There are so many people in this world that sit and cry day in and day out over the fact that they feel they have no one there for them. But what I want to teach you, is that no one can be there for you the way that God is there for you. No one can fill the void in your heart, the way God can fill the void in your heart.   You should never want someone else to be the sole reason for your happiness.  You have to learn that even if you are lonely and single you can still be happy, and that there is a God out there telling you what you can do with yourself as oppose to being upset that no one is there with you.

So why are you out here chasing a man or women, looking for the perfect friend, or crying all day and telling God that you are lonely and single; and how life is not fair? God will sometimes sit there  not giving you the response that you want, because He is just waiting for you to come to one realization that is He (God) is the only real relationship that you need.

When you feel that people are letting you down and no one can be what you want them to be, God is screaming to your spirit telling you that He is that person. (Click to Tweet)God, I am Lonely and Single

Some of us continually walk around in ignorance and self pity asking God why He is allowing other people to hurt us.  But He is not allowing anything, you are. People have free will and they are going to do whatever it is they want to do.  You cannot allow their shortcomings or downfalls affect your mood. Because while you are at home on a Friday night complaining how lonely and single you are and how no one loves you, God is just sitting there waiting for you to realize that He is there and not only does He want to talk to you, but He wants to be the friend and/or husband.

When I explain the way I have conversations with God so many people find this mind blowing. That is that I can talk to God about anything and that He in fact talks back to me. Through everything that I do and everything that I am, I talk to God continually throughout the day to get His feedback on everything.

So why are so many of us looking for other people to fulfill our loneliness? Why are we are looking for things that can only be fulfilled through God? Often times we get so upset about what other people have done or are doing to or for us. Do you not know who your father is? Do you not understand that He is perfect and has a perfect perspective and will tell you anything you need to know provided that He can trust you with the information.

Prayer does not have to be some formal ritual that is only said before meals and bed. It is a simple conversation with God (see my blog here). He loves when you tell Him your frustrations, your shortcomings, your expectations, and how you feel you have failed. He loves to hear all the things that you cannot tell other people. After all, He knows everything that is in your heart. He is so tired of you trying to hide it from him and claiming that you are alone when in fact He has and never will leave you or forsake you. So many of us have such a detached perspective of God, that we do not understand that we are never alone. No matter how alone we feel God is with us. He wants us to talk to Him and more importantly, He wants to fix it. He is not going to force Himself on us, He wants us to come to Him freely so that we can see who is God and that God, I am Lonely and SingleHe is above and beyond any body that is here on Earth. This is so that we can understand not to put our trust in people, but to put it in Him. And through this trust knowledge you will have a peace that suppresses all understanding. You can be single, alone, broke, hurt, crying, or dead on the inside. But God is there and He wants to fix it. He just wants you to come to Him and give Him permission to fix it.
In closing, you are never alone. God is always with you, He can be a boyfriend, father, mother, girlfriend, wife, husband, provider, lover, friend, all that you ever wanted. Soon you will find that nothing in this world can disappoint you, because you know who you belong to.  God is the king of kings and therefore as His child you are a rightful heir to his throne, and He can give you anything. Just spend time with God. Talk to Him and understand His will for your life. Once you do, the things of the world will not upset you so much. You will not feel lonely. You will feel loved and complete though the one who knows you and ordained your existence.



  1. Great read! Love this blog! I think that even with strong spirituality and faith, humans naturally require companionship. One of the reason why God created Eve was because Adam was lonely and craved companionship. One of the reason the bible encourages us to go to church is to fellowship with other believers (socialize). I think its great to stress not to rely on companionship for your source of happiness, however it is definitely essential.

    • Yes I agree. But I think it is bad when people get too needy and rely on other people as their only source of happiness. People are not perfect and if you rely on people for you to be happy and they let you down, then you will fall apart. That is why I feel one must learn to be content in all things. This way you know how to look for healthy relationships and not toxic abusive one.

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