How To Get Over Your Struggles as Single Christian Women

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Single Christian Women want to end their singleness by any means necessary.  For Single Christian Women getting  married seems like the next and obvious step to their life, since she has her life right with God.

Single Christian Women start to spend their every waking moment trying to find the one.  Their life may start to look something like this:How To Get Over Your Struggles as Single Christian Women

  • Going to the single Christian ministry where it is 10 women to every one man. And all the single women fight over the single men.
  • Going to Bible study, Church, prayer meetings, visiting other churches all in hopes of meeting a man.
  • Going through a tedious beauty routine every time you go to church because you never know who you may meet.
  • Greet every new male member in church in hopes that he may be the one.
  • Being a victim of the “preying church man.” The man that only comes to church to victimize unsuspecting church woman.

Does this sound like you? How many times has being a single Christian woman taken precedence over any and everything in your life?  How many times have you said a prayer for your future husband and he doesn’t show up?

How many times have you begged and prayed to MAKE a man the one, to send a man now, or you were going to swear off both church and men all together?

There are promises from God for single women, if you desire to get married, then God will give you the desires of your heart. (Click to Tweet)

But here is question you, if you trust God, and feel like He is is control, then why can’t you trust Him with this area of your life?

Is being a the end of the world?  Is that your sole purpose in life to get married and be someone’s wife?

As someone who is in their 30’s I guess I would be considered somewhat of an old maid? I cannot tell you how many family members, church members, and friends ask me on a regular basis when or if I was going to get married?

I think they are more concerned with my singleness than I am.

Like many single Christian women I used to be that woman that tried dating sites, dating in the church, trying to convert a non church going man into a Christian, trying to force someone to being “the one,” and it all leading to frustration when it failed miserably.

I come to learn this lesson. I cannot force or make anything happen. I looked at a pattern in my life in which I tried to force relationships and I can openly say that all those relationships sucked, and I really could have gone without them.

Are you going to put yourself through continual misery trying to find your own man, or are you going to let God find a man for you?How To Get Over Your Struggles as Single Christian Women

I have come to learn that God’s top priority is not curing your singleness. So while you are begging for Him to bring you a man. He is probably looking at you, thinking that there are so many others things in your life that you need to fix before that happens.

It is not that God does not care about your desire to be married, its just that He is more concerned with the salvation of your soul first. He wants to make sure that you are in the right place with Him, so that when you get married your eyes never leave Him.

You never want to idolize marriage or a man so much that it makes you forget that you are a Christian. So many times both men and marriage becomes a God to some people, which I am sure makes God mad. He does not want to be replaced.

This is the key point that many Christian woman are missing. They are too busy chasing down a man to realize that it is taking them away from God. If you trust God in all areas of you life, then trust him to bring you a husband too. Having trust in God and taking a chill pill in your relationship is much better than obsessing about it.

How To Get Over Your Struggles as Single Christian Women

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