Want To Properly Wait On the Lord? Start Each Day With Expectancy

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Want To Properly Wait On the Lord? Start Each Day With Expectancy

Want To Properly Wait On the Lord? Start Each Day With ExpectancyWhen you choose to wait on the Lord that means waiting with expectancy. Waiting on the Lord DOES NOT mean that you just sit and wait, feeling depressed, or wondering when your breakthrough will come through. Waiting is a verb, meaning that it is something that you should actively do.

Waiting on the Lord but and waiting with expectancy means that as you wait you should believe with all of you heart that at any given time the Lord is going to come in with a breakthrough.  It will not be a surprise to you because it is something that you expected to happen.

Just like you know your birthday is going to come every year, or Christmas, or even the vacation you have been planning to take.  You do not just sit and wait on these things feeling depressed as you think about them.  You wait with expectancy.  You wait with the anticipation that these things are coming.  Not because you doubt that they are coming but because you know that they are coming. And as the Holidays grow near you become more and more excited. Because you expected them.

This is what should happen when you wait on the Lord with expectancy.  Of course waiting on the Lord is different than waiting on a day because at least you know when that day will happen. But when you wait on the Lord with expectancy, the concept is the same. It will require a degree of faith on your part. Meaning that you are choosing to believe things that you have not seen yet nor do you know when they are going to happen, but you should still expect them to happen.

And while you are waiting on the Lord and waiting with expectancy, there are several things that you need to consider.

How To Wait On The Lord With Expectancy

Wait on the lord  and Waiting with expectancy  Means You must expect

The Bible teaches us

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

Meaning that if you believe that something will happen and you are expecting something to happen then it is going to happen. But if you have little faith that something will happen then you are standing in your own way.

Remove any negative thinking (see my blog here) and words (see my blog here) from your thoughts and your mouth. Because that is the same as speaking down to your own destiny and you could be keeping yourself from getting what you are waiting on the Lord for.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (see my blog here). So search your heart, what it is full of.  Is it full of expectation or is it full our doubt?


Wait on the Lord and Waiting with Expectancy Means You Must Not get Caught Up In The PresentWant To Properly Wait On the Lord? Start Each Day With Expectancy

Do you remember Joseph from the Bible (see my blog here). He had a dream that his father and his brother were going to bow down to him.  Joseph then got sold into slavery and then got sent to jail. In that present moment I am sure that he wanted to get down about his present situation. But just because his present situation was bad did not mean that his future was effected.

Had he got caught up in what he was going through in his present situation he may have not had a future situation. God had already spoken into Joseph’s future therefore it was going to happen. So no matter what he was facing he chose to wait on the lord, waiting with expectancy that the dream he saw would come to pass.  And it did, in God’s timing, but Joseph was still faithful no matter his situation.

 Wait on the Lord and Waiting With Expectancy Means You Must Close Your Mouth

Even if you are waiting on the Lord for something and waiting with expectancy, sometimes you need to just keep things to yourself.  Going back to Joseph.  The reason why he got sold into slavery by his own brothers is because he was too busy running his mouth. He literally told his father and his brothers that they were all going to bow down to him.  Not only did they laugh but what Joseph said excited his brothers’ jealousy and made them sell him into slavery.

There is no need for you to go run your mouth about any and everything that God has told you.

If God is your best friend and He told you a secret then that is between you and Him. Click To Tweet

Not between you and everybody else.  Telling too many people the secret between you and God gives them the opportunity to bring you down (see my blog here) and possibility interfere on what you are waiting on God for.

Wait on the Lord waiting with expectancy with Doing your part

The biggest way to show God that you are waiting with expectancy is to do your part.  You can read my blog here on Esther, she thought like a queen to get her king, she did her part.  Or even with Ruth and Boaz (click to read my blog here). Ruth went out in the field to work to get food.  She was doing her part and that is when she was found by Boaz.

How can God do for you what you are waiting on Him to do, if you are not in a position to be blessed? Click To Tweet

Nothing comes for free, to whom much is given much is required (see my blog here) and often times while you are waiting, God is requiring you to do something.  Do not just sit there and expect for the miracle to drop out of the sky with little to no effort on your part.  Meet God half way.

I know that when you choose to wait on the Lord it can be frustrating.  But know that God is not a liar and if He spoke into your spirit then it is going to happen.  In order to hear from God and know what you are waiting for you must become a friend of God (click here) and know how to hear from the Holy Spirit (click here). For the Holy Spirit will guide and direct you on what to do in the waiting season. And more importantly do not just wait on the Lord in depression. Start waiting on the Lord with expectancy and that He is going to do something great.

Want To Properly Wait On the Lord? Start Each Day With Expectancy