Want To Be Used By God? To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.

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To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required. A Message To Those Who Want to be Used by God

Whenever you think that God has ordained you to do something or you want to be used by God then just remember To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.  Just because God has a purposed for you to do something does not mean that it is going to be a cake walk getting there. There will be struggle, To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required. A Message To Those Who Want to be Used by Godtrails, and tribulations (see my blog here on Trusting God Through The Hard Times).  I do not tell you this to scare you, nor does God do these things to scare you.  He does it to strengthen you (also see my blog on rough times make your stronger).

“But we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance.” Romans 5:3

When you go through hard times it is to make you stronger.  And once you are strong then you are prepared to be used by God.

That relates back to the “to whom much is given much is required” mentality.

Once you know that no matter what comes your way you can still stand  up and say God use me and I am not phased by what just happened to me, then that is when you are ready to be used. Because you are sending a message to God that says I am not phased by what is going on around me, as long as I have You then I’m good.

I have learned to be content in any circumstance.  I have experienced times of need and times of abundance. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of contentment, whether I go satisfied or hungry, have plenty or nothing.  I am able to do all things through the one who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:11-13                            

 If  I had to run down the last 8 years of my life, it would look something like this.

  • Had a baby out of wedlock (check)
  • Abandoned by my son’s father when I was pregnant (check)
  • Son’s father goes to prison for 6 years (check)
  • Found out son’s father is still married (check)
  • Been laid off (check)
  • Took a job and received a pay cut and made significantly less money (check)
  • Went through significant financial hardship (check)
  • Had to relocate and move back in with my mother for better job prospects (check) (click my blog here)
  • Lost a close family member (check) (read my blog here)

To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required. A Message To Those Who Want to be Used by God

You can also check out my blog on my single mother story by clicking here.  By all accounts I am not suppose to be the productive person that you see before you.  But I wanted what God had for me and I knew that I could not want without doing my part. And doing my part meant I had to give up a lot of foolishness.

Because no matter what I have gone through I am willing TRUST and WANT to be used by God. And I was able to turn away from my old ways in order to be used by God. I decided to know that despite my past, I could be used by God as long as I was willing to follow His path, even when it is hard. And that is what He means “To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.” God does not want to take from you or put you through hard times, but He wants you to trust Him through the hard times so that the hard times don’t seem like hard times at all. That way you do not trust in the world but only on God and because you trust God, He will reward you.  (Click here to read my blog on not being conformed by the world).

Like everyone, when times got hard, I was the type of person that wanted to throw in the towel, stop trying and let the cards fall where they may good or bad.  There were times in which I felt that my praying was in vein.  That I was praying for no reason because my life kept getting worse and worse and I was not seeing the immediate results of my prayer. There were times that I just wanted to just give up and thought I was crazy for wanting more out of life.  Because wanting more out of life was just too hard.  It required too much.  And I was not sure if I was willing to give up any more than what I had already lost. (Also check out my blog on when I had to forgive God).

But you see I have come to learn a valuable lesson. To whom much is given much is required means that when you want to be used by God nothing comes for free.  God does not need our money or to be paid, but He needs for us to trust Him and that is the price or the requirement that God wants from us.

We have free will and God cannot MAKE us trust Him but He wants us to do it on our own accord. And not just when things are good but when they are bad as well.Want To Be Used By God? To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required.

He does it so that He knows that He can trust us with what He is about to give us.  There is no need to give a million dollars to someone who is going to squander it and be broke within a year.  It is better to give a million dollars to someone who will cherish it, invest it, and quadruple it’s return.

When you are struggling, going broke, and everything in your life is failing apart.  The last thing you understand is that God is somehow making your hardship work for your greater good. But that is exactly what He is doing. To whom much is given much is required means that much is required to be taken out of you emotional, physically, spiritually, financially, and every which way. So that when you learn to give it all to Him, He will give it right back 10 fold.  Job’s story in the Bible is an excellent example of this. 

So even though we do not understand the journey, there is a point to the journey.  And even though, we may not understand what is happening to us or why it is happening to us, we must know that

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purposeRomans 8:28

If you believe that you are called according to God’s purpose then you must believe that whatever God is requiring out of you, will work together for your greater purpose. When you get to a place where you realize that you have no body and no one to lean on. You have no choice but to lean on God and trust that in the midst of chaos, everything is going to be alright (also see my blog on God can do anything He wants to do to help you). Despite what you see? That is when God can trust will with the more He has in store for you. That is when you have met the requirement and He gave give to you.

To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required

Do you believe that?

And if you do, than believing God is 99% of the battle.  And the key is to not to go through something, kicking and screaming letting everyone know how horrible your life is; but rather putting a smile on your face in the midst of the pain. And praising God all the way.  That is what is required of you and that is when God will give you much.

To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required. A Message To Those Who Want to be Used by God


  1. Great post! – the only thing God promised us is in this life we will face many hardships. It’s not what happens to us. It’s how we act when things happen to us.

  2. My eyes were misting up reading your story. You are an awesome lady. You’ve been through so much. But with God’s help you’ve prospered and have made lemons into lemonade. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post.

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