Now I Understand Why I Can’t Stay Mad At God

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If you do not want to admit the times you have been mad at God, then I will.  There have been times where I was mad at God because I did not understand why God let someone I was close to me die (see blog here) or why God has not answered my prayers despite my constant prayers, fasting (Click to read my blog on fasting), and faitRemember That Time I Was Mad At God?h.

I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I can be a bit of a selfish Christian (click to read my blog here). I have had trouble forgiving God and then become mad at God for not fixing things I felt He could fix or the things I wanted him to fix.  In other words I wanted God to do what I wanted Him to do and how I wanted Him to do it. And when that did not happen it made me even more mad at God, because I felt that He was somehow letting me down.

It took me growing as a Christian and my understanding of God for me to get that, we are called to go through this thing called life and that our life is not going to be perfect. No matter if we believe in God or not.  And just because we call ourselves Christian it does not mean that our life is going to be perfect nor does it mean that things are going to work out how we want them to work out.  We are called to go through hardships to make us stronger (see my blog here).  This is the natural order of things, since the fall of man, and perfection on Earth was ended.

But knowing this does not change how we feel does it.  Even though God says He will never put more on us than we can bear, there are often times when we feel that God is putting more on us than we can bear? Which is a reason in which once again we get mad at God.

Have you ever been put in or had situations in which you have been praying for a solution for days, months, or even years and no solution comes, instead the problem gets worse? Which is yet another reason why we get mad at God.

Have you ever prayed for a miracle, healing, or money and had the faith of a mustard seed, just like the Bible said, but your prayers were not answered? If the answer is yes, that is another reason why we get mad at God.

If this has happened to you and you still have unshakable faith in God, then congratulations.  You are something special because most people get torn down when their faith is tested. If you are human, like me, then hardships can feel like they  keep getting harder and as they get harder we start to resent God or at least wonder God if God can stop your suffering then why doesn’t He?

The Time I Was Mad At God & How I Got Over ItI may not have the full and complete answer but I can provide you with some of the answer. God knows all and He knows the reason why He does what He does. And even though your prayers seemed like they are going unanswered that is probably not true.  Even no answer is an answer and the real issue is that God is not answering your prayer the way you want Him to (Click here to read my blog). And that is why you are mad at God and really what you are saying is that you cannot trust God.

For myself, I can admit even though I knew this, it was hard for me to accept.  The fact that I went through continual hardship, I saw it as being within God’s power to stop it, and when He didn’t;  it mad me angry. No one wants to hear that they are not going to get what they want in the time that they want it.  No one wants to hear that the answer to their prayer is no or not what they wanted it to be.

And so God and I were at a Mexican standoff and one of us needed to bend.  I either had to trust that God knew what He was doing or to continue to be mad at God.  And so, I found myself in a position in which I had to forgive God. God has plans to prosper you (Click to read my blog here). I had to believe that even if I did not know what God was doing to do it.  I had to choose to believe that God knows best.Now I Understand Why I Can't Stay Mad At God

I know this may sound crazy to some of you, but I can almost guarantee that many of you hold resentment toward God and are not even aware it. For myself, I have a tendency to give God human characteristics, thinking He has abandoned me, is upset with me, or wants to see me suffer in His name for one reason or the next. Which is not true.  The things that He puts us through is to refine our character.  So that He can bless us. Also read my blog here for more on that. 

God is not selfish and He does not want to use us humans to satisfy His own vanity by making us suffer because He thinks its fun.  By being  mad at God that is what I used to think. I use to think that He would allow me to suffer just so I can pray harder to Him.  I came to feel that when my prayers were unanswered my whole life was at God’s mercy and He was going to do what He wanted no matter if I I prayed or not.  And that is when I stopped praying because I thought “What’s the point?”

This is dangerous thinking. Because it stops us from praying and believing in God.  And more than anything it separates us from God. But how many of you have thought the same way but have not expressed it? How many of you have blamed God for a child or parent dying? For a rape, molestation, or a violent crime against you? How many of you still harbor bad feeling toward God for a terminal illness or job loss that just keeps causing you pain?

I do not know the answer.  But I do know is

You must be able to forgive God for the ways you feel He has let you down. (Click to Tweet)

With the forgiving you also must trust God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He can do.  That includes never leaving you or forsaking you.

Even as Jesus was crucified, one of the last words he cried out was, “My God, why has thou forsaken me?”  You see, we all feel lost, forsaken, or abandoned by God sometimes.  Even Jesus did.  It is important however, not to allow our hardships to loose sight of God and skew how we see Him.

Examine what you have been going through and examine your heart.  Is there anything you need to forgive God for? Or anything that you are mad at God for? Perhaps once you do, you will be able to overcome your hardship and have peace. But most importantly your relationship with God will grow because you have finally come to Him with how you really feel.

Now I Understand Why I Can't Stay Mad At God



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