How Getting Through Hard Times Makes You Stronger

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Getting through hard times can be rough because it seems like it is ongoing and never going to end. But if I could offer words of encouragement for getting through hard times, it would beHow Getting Through Hard Times Makes Your Stronger this message that I am about to give you.

Whenever you are going through a hard time you must determine if you are going through a hard time due to no fault of your own or if it is self inflicted.   I will talk about both and how both can make your stronger.

Getting Through Hard Times Due To No Fault Of Your Own

The first lesson you need to understand when getting through hard times is that there are going to be bad times.  No matter if you are a Christian, good person, and no matter what; more than likely at some point in your life you are going to hit a rough patch.  It is not a reflection on you and it does not mean that God is punishing you. I used to think this (read my blog on being mad at God).

But I come to understand that there is a reason and season for everything and every person that we meet.  And just like you will meet positive people you will meet negative people too. Some people are not going to like you, just because you are you (read my blog here). Some are going to be jealous of you (read my blog here),  there are times that you will be treated unfairly, or you will have to deal with people want to bring you down (read my blog here).

There are also things that happen in life just because they are happening and there is nothing you can do about it but to go through it.  But guess what, that is just the ways of the world. However, often times, these ways are not to bring us down, but to build us up.

Don’t despise your adversity, because like a lump of coal that has gone through heat and pressure, you will come out like a diamond in the end. (Click to Tweet)

 “but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4

If the world was the way we wanted it to be 100% of the time, or if people treated us the way that we wanted to be treated 100% of the time then what type of person would we be.

If we never had a problem then how would our strength ever be tested, and if our strength is never tested, how can we know how high we can jump or how far we can reach. (Click to Tweet).

You see.

 It is through the bad stuff that makes us stronger, that makes us want to prove people wrong, and make liars out of those who told us we wouldn’t amount to anything (Click to Tweet).

Once we have been through the tough times and  still come out on top, then we know next time we go through something we cannot be so easily knocked down or swayed.  Not only that, but we are able to recognize quicker and faster the people and things that are not good for us because we would have already “been there and done that” and feel no need to repeat past mistakes (also click here to read my blog on how to judge people).

How Getting Through Hard Times Makes Your Stronger

In my opinion

Everyone was born to be great. But it is up to you on whether you get there or not.  (Click to Tweet).

I do not care if you were born poor, molested; raped, beaten…..that is the bad stuff that can be turned into a big testimonial to someone one day.


Do you wonder why you are going through what you are going through? Well I think that if you do then you have not gone through what you needed to go through or learned what you needed to learn in order to move on to the next phase of your life. In each relationship, interaction, trail, or tribulation there is a lesson to be learned. Now, how fast you get through that lesson depends on you.

Getting Through Hard Times Because You Are The Reason For Your Hard Time

When talking about getting through hard times there are two things you need to answer to as it relates to your situation. There are also hard times that are self inflicted.

Let Me Explain:

Albert Einstein that said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you are the type of person that jumps in bed with a man too soon and do it time and time again and wonder why your relationships are not going anywhere….then you may be insane. If you are the type of person that does not financially plan and you are going broke again and again and again then you may be insane.  If you are the type of person that keeps going around the same mountain again and again and again then you may be insane.  In in this instances you cannot really blame other people or God for that matter for your hard time.  You really need to blame yourself.

How Getting Through Hard Times Makes Your Stronger


Why revisit the same path, the same person, or type of person, and do the same things over and over and expect a different outcome? (Click to Tweet).

Why do we keep hold of people that we know are not good for us (click here to read my blog for more on that), that hurt us, that have no place in our future? Everything and everyone has a season and  you have to go through it, learn from it, and then you have to let go. And if you refuse to let it go then instead of learning from it you will be stuck.

But if you learn from your self inflicted hard times, then guess what? You can still be stronger, you can learn from your mistakes and you can learn from your decisions and use your mistakes to make better decisions.

The best way I can illustrate this is if two women have the same exact destiny. One gets married at 28 and the other at 42. What went wrong since they have the same destiny? Often times it goes like this, the 28 years old meets someone they know is no good for them. They are able to recognize that within weeks that this person is not for them, and moved on. Within the same year they meet person A,B, and C and within that year they were able to recognize that none of these people are good for them. Not only did they move on, but they took something out of each and every relationship and made a change on the inside of them depending on the experience of the relationship. Eventually, she came to know herself, and she knew what she wanted out of life, as well as what she wanted out of a partner, and at the age of 28 she knew that she knew that she knew, she found that person.

Let’s take the 42 year old. Instead of learning and growing. She would hold on to man A, knowing that he was not the one, knowing that his type of love hurt, but still hoping it would change. She held on for five years all for the sake of wanting to get married, not wanting to be alone, or not understanding that the purpose was not for man A to be in her life for 5 years. However, she continued this pattern and instead of going through B and C like the 28 year old did, learning from each experience. She held on to them each for years…….. keeping men that God was trying to pull away.

She did not learn from her experiences and added man D,E,F,G into the mix. Slowing down her own destiny because she was not moving How Getting Through Hard Times Makes Your Strongerfluently though life and not fulfilling or trying to understand her purpose. Instead, she stumbled, and stumbled, and stumbled, and when she did meet the right man, although grateful it really could have been done sooner had she been willing to let go of the others, learn what she needed to learn, and move on. Sometimes we will settle and force ourselves to marry person E, when it was never intended to be so, missing the mark completely.

Often times it is ourselves that are putting us through pain of life by trying to hold on to what God is trying to pull away. Not only that, but letting it distract us from the purpose in life and because we are so focused on the wrong things throughout our lives we fall short of our great destiny and settle for an average life.

Getting Through Hard Times

So I say this to you, life is life. It is always going to be hard, and we all have our burdens to bear. When trying to determine how to get through your hard time first determine if it is a real hard time or if it is self inflicted.

No matter what your hard time is if you are able to navigate it, it will make you stronger. But if you get caught up on your burdens, downfalls, and wrong people, then you will never be stronger. You will  just stumble on the wrong things and then when you get up you will be so lost that you take the wrong path all together. Instead, stumble get back up and keep it moving. Do not continue to stumble in the same place for years.

Just like the story in the Bible. When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, the trip to the promise land was only supposed to take 40 days! But because of their constant unbelief, complaining, and not seeing what God wanted them to see, it took 40 years! In that 40 years the original generation had passed away, including Moses, and did not see the promise land. They were freed from Egypt and everything started out okay, but stumbling so many times that they did not quite make it to the promise land. Don’t take 40 years to get to the promise land. Live, learn, and get through the bad stuff as soon and gracefully as possible, so you can get your reward sooner. Getting through hard times is tough, when you ask God “Lord Please Help Me!” He will.  He will help you stay positive in the though times and he will show you what to do with your life.  Know that there is a reason for everything hard time you are going through.


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