Why It is Important to Guard Your Heart

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Why It is Important to Guard Your Heart

Why It is Important to Guard Your HeartI am the first to admit that I have issues.  Everyone has issues.  But believe it or not when you guard your heart, it can prevent more issues from being deposited in it.  And the issues you have now were more than likely put there from someone and are a results of you failing to guard your heart in the first place.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

The main reason why you should guard your heart, is because not everyone has your best interest at in mind.  People will take your trust, your vulnerabilities, your tears, everything that you hold dear and step on it.  They can manipulate you and throw their own jaded and crazy ideas into your head and into your heart, changing you as a person.  That is where we get emotional baggage (see my blog here).

I am the type of woman that learns from my mistakes.  I have trusted people with my heart that I had no business trusting with my heart, and as a result they abused it.  Some of the lasting affects still linger and that is the sad thing.  Because I put so much trust in the wrong person, when the right person comes along they are going to really have to work at it because of all the deposits that are there from other men, friends, and situations before them. You see that is the danger of not guarding your heart and allowing everyone to leave their two cents in it.Why It is Important to Guard Your Heart

There is an amount of “normal issues” and “abnormal issues.”  Normal issues are the ones that I have.  And with the normal issues come self awareness.  That means I am aware of the deposits left in my heart and I need to work hard to not to pass them on to other people and to heal myself from them. The distrust and lack of emotions due to the jacked up relationships from the past are a result of not guarding my heart. I know that.  And I am sure that if you search deep down in your heart, you have some deep rooted issues that steam for the failure to guard your heart as well. But when you let the normal issues fester they become abnormal issues which can manifest themselves.

For example, someone may tell you that you need to lose weight. They may say it over and over again and then you start to see yourself as fat even when you did not see yourself as fat before.  When it starts to get abnormal is when you start throwing up and starving yourself to get skinny.  And then every time you look in the mirror you see a fat person.  Even if you weight 100 pounds you will still see fat.  And guess what?  That started somewhere. Instead of you nipping it in the bud when the first person said it, you let it fester, and you it into your heart.  And not you have a very serious issue and an eating disorder.

I can almost bet that the way in which the deposits in your heart got there are from people who are jacked up themselves.  They had deposits that were left in their heart from allowing the wrong person in it over and over again and as a results there is so much junk in them that literally everything that flows from them is sick and twisted. Which they pass on to you, and you take it into your heart and without being self aware you will pass it on to other people.

We have all seen these people in life or even at work.  You may even be one of these people. Bouncing from one dysfunctional relationship to the next and making other people’s life a living hell.  With each relationship and/or interaction with other people, getting crazier.  Becoming a magnet for people that want to do you wrong, because that is all you know and this is what you keep feeding into your heart.

Do not be that person.

Do not let anyone make your heart so dark that you cannot love and no one wants to love you. Click To Tweet

Guard your heart and your body.  Keep people from taking advantage of it, even if they say they are your friends sometimes they mean you harm (Click here to read my blog on frenemies).  Once they use you, they are gone, and you are left with a damaged heart ready to inflict the same type of pain on other people. That is why you must guard your heart.  It is who you are, and if it gets corrupted then that is the type of person you will become.

Why It is Important to Guard Your Heart



  1. So many important lessons here, Sophia. We really do all have issues and many stem from broken hearts of the past. Guarding our hearts is a true necessity in life. Thank you for that reminder!

  2. This is very deep but so true. “Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life” is a bible verse that I hold very dear.

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