How To Become a Friend of God

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How To Become a Friend of God

As a Christian becoming a friend of God is the most important thing you can do.  When Jesus died and brought the Holy Spirit that was His way for us to have a direct communication line with God (click here for more on the Holy Spirit). You can do to church and be a good person but if you cannot talk to God, then you are missing the very essence of being a Christian. And that is we can become a friend of God and being a friend of God is what God wants.

He is our creator and our father of course He wants to be close with us.  But sad to say too many people do not know that you can become a friend of God and becoming a friend of God is what God wants from us.

Some people are so shocked that you can talk to God. That you can have a relationship with Him.  God and I talk all the time.  We have our little break up, arguments, and times where I do not want to talk to him. Check out my blog here on “Confessions of a Self-Absorbed Christian” and “Remember That Time I Had to Forgive God?”How To Become a Friend of God

I can truly have conversations with God no matter how selfish or self-absorbed they are. AND I have come to realize that God prefers this over me being fake and saying a bunch of religious rituals because I want to give the appearance of a Christian.

And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words.” Matthew 6:7

In other words, when you pray just don’t start saying a bunch of crap just because you think it is what you are supposed to be doing when you pray.

Would you do that with your real friends? If you have real friends that you are close with and tell everything to, you do not put up a front and pretend to be fake in front of your real friends.  So why would you be fake in front of God.  How can you become a friend of God is you will not allow God to really see who you are.

I grew up in the church. But no one at the church taught me how to talk to God or even explained to me that I could talk to God.  And even though they mentioned the Holy Spirit, I did not really know what that mean.

It was not until I was going through a bad break up with my boyfriend that I really understood what God’s voice was. And I was in my early 20’s! I remember my boyfriend was leaving me, we lived together at the time, and God told me “let him leave, don’t cry and don’t beg for him to stay.”  This is not to say that God had never spoken to me before, but this was the only time that I knew for a fact that this was God telling me this.

There were no trumpets or angels coming out of the wall to deliver the message of the Holy One. It was just me and it was Him and He was talking to me telling me what to do.  In days to come as I grew depressed about the man that left me, God eased my pain.  It was not in a King James Version type of way.  It was in a very real

You need to get up and stop being depressed over a man that does not want you” kind of way.

And the more that God talk to me, I talked back, and we became friends. And that is how you become a friend of God.  Just by talking to each other and growing a relationship with one another.

No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15 

How To Become a Friend of GodThink of your closest and best friend. You talk to each other.  You are real with one another.  You may have even known each other for years.  You may even have arguments or disagreements. There is a whole lot that goes into a real friendship.  And it is the same exact way with God.  The more you spend time with Him, the more you will know Him, and the more you get to know Him, the closer you will get.

I have no problem showing God the real me. He created me so He knows how I am, a hot mess at times, stubborn, and sometimes a know it all. I have no problem being real with God telling what I think and how I feel and He has no problem getting real with me. That is what it means to be a friend of God.

Gone are the days where I just sit and say the Lord’s prayer hoping that my prayers are being heard by this invisible entity in the sky. When you have a relationship with God, then you know God.  And when you know God you no longer see Him someone in the sky waiting to punish you when you do something wrong or an aimless figure that you say a bunch of hail Mary’s to.

You see Him as a friend and as a father. Someone you know and someone who knows you.  Someone who is real and someone who is going to always be there for you.  These things were said to me growing up, but I never understood it until I began to talk to God.  Before, it just seemed like a creepy person was spying on me all the time waiting for me to sin.  But God is not like that and He develops a unique relationship with each and every one of us. Because unlike our Earthy friends, He knows us inside and out and He know how to form a relationship with us that is uniquely to us.

So if you do not talk to God and you think that He does not talk to you. He does.  He is always talking.  Just begin to talk to Him and you may be surprised at all the things He has been trying to say to you, and you have just been brushing his voice off as your imagination. Once you have mastered this, that is when you will understand what it means to be a friend of God.

How To Become a Friend of God


  1. Thank you for sharing your insight on this. When I first accepted Jesus as my Savior I often questioned if I was hearing His voice. But you are right, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you!

  2. What a beautiful perspective, Sophia. For me, I have always believed in God and did my best to be a good person. That was the extent of my relationship with God. It took extreme pain that shook me to the core to really dig into my relationship with the Lord because He was the only one that could give me that comfort, that peace I needed.
    We may not understand Gods will for us but we also cannot see the big picture He sees. That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around and to expect that He IS good. No matter what happens in life, good or bad, there is nothing bigger or more powerful than the Almighty. Amen.
    Thank you for sharing your testimony and your heart, Sophia. The trials never end and I’m thankful to read stories like yours that remind me to keep my eyes focus on Him.

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