4 Tips and Tricks To Getting Over a Break Up

4 Ways To Get Over A Break Without Having a Break Down

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The Key To Getting Over A Break up Is Not To Have a Break Down

Getting over a break up, can be hard. But the key to getting over a break up is not to have a total break with reality.  After a break up many of us women want to crawl under a rock, eat a ton of ice cream, check ourselves in a psych ward, and let ourselves go.

We may even do a bunch of drunken text and phone calls in the middle of the night which will only embarrass ourselves even more.  When getting over a break up begging, crying, and gaining 30 pounds is not the way to go.  I know you may feel but

The Key To Getting Over A Break up Is Not To Have a Break Down

look beyond your feelings and have some pride.  The last thing you want to do is give your ex more power than he deserves and who him how you cannot maintain your emotional well being without him.

The last thing you want is for him to see you ready to go to the inane asylum because he broke up with you.  This will not make your ex regret breaking up with you, it will only make him feel sorry for you.  And will only confirm in his mind that he made the right choice be getting rid of you. Desperate woman chase a man, don’t be that woman (check out my blog for more on this topic).

Here are 4 Tips To Getting Over A Break up and NOT Having a Not To Break Down

Getting Over A Break up Tip #1 Do not beg for anyone to be with you.

If someone wants to break up with you, let them. You may be hurting and you may want to cry, but save all of that for after they walk out of the door. Remember sometimes people are pulled out of your life for a reason (see my blog here on for more on that topic).  So do not try to keep them in by begging for them.

You would be shocked at how many people get off seeing someone beg and act a fool over them.  Do not be that fool. Do not cry and spit tears over someone not wanting to be with you, at least not in front of them. Let them go and be a mature woman about it.

The Key To Getting Over A Break up Is Not To Have a Break Down

After a break up we all have the need to eat ourselves into 3 more pants sizes or walk around side looking like a hot mess. But fight that urge please. If you bump into an ex or hang out with someone who knows your ex the last thing you want them to report back to your ex is how terrible you looked. This has happened to me by the way check out my blog on why it pays to look good.  You never want to look like you were hit by a train and then the train backed up and hit you again.  Even if you do not feel like it on the inside, try to look good on the outside. The moment it gets back to the person you were dating you will feel priceless.   Looking good on the outside will help you feel better on the inside.  If you do not believe me, dress up, look your best, and go outside or to work.  You will get so many compliments on how great you look that it will start to put you in a better mood.

Getting Over A Break up Tip #2 ~ Get up and get out.

After a break up do not sit looking at the sky wondering when your next man is going to fall out of it. Date, go out with friends, do something. Get a hobby, pray, go to church, go back to school. I am famous for that after every break up I get a new degree or start a new hobby or something. And these are the things that will get your mind off the break up and show your ex that your identity is not in them but that you have your own life and you are not worried about what is going on in his life.

Getting Over A Break up Tip #3 ~ Stop with the emotional break downs.

I cannot tell you how pathetic is it to see a man trying to break up with a woman and she will cry and cry her way out of the break up. Yeah he may take the break up back for that moment because he does not want to be responsible for the suicide that you are threatening to do if he leaves. But it still does not change the fact that he wants to break up. You are just delaying the inevitable.4 Tips and Tricks To Getting Over a Break Up

Men will be with you even if they do not want to be with you, if they know that it will cause you to have a break with reality.   If a man wants to break up with you. Do not cry, make any trips to the psychiatric ward, do not call him in the middle of the night and tell him you cannot live without him, and do not threaten to kill yourself.

This will not make a man come back, it will make him question your sanity.  If you need to get therapy after a break up, then do so without telling him. You never want to give a man that much credit for having that much control over your mind.  After a break up do not call him at all.  Fight the urge.

Getting Over A Break up Tip #4 ~ Do not chase.

When an ex leaves you, do not stop by his mother’s home to have a conversation about what her son did and try to convince her why her son should get back with you.  Do not move into the apartment next to his or start working part-time at his favorite hangout spot. Do not call all of his friends, sister, and everyone else that he knows to try to get them to tell you what your ex is doing. It is never a woman’s job to chase a man (click to see my blog on that).

Women some how think this is cute, but it is creepy.  It says that you are a stalker and that he may need to get a retraining order our on you.

If none of these methods get your ex to come back to you, then the very least it will allow you to get over him.  Always remember that he broke up with you and before you take him back; you want to really think if you are willing to go down that road with him again anyway.  But at the very least, it is fun to have an ex chase after you and not the other way around.

The Key To Getting Over A Break up Is Not To Have a Break Down