Do Looks Matter? Here’s A Legit Reason On Why They Do.

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I am not a shallow woman that believes that make up makes you beautiful.  I believe that a person can look nice on the outside but be ugly on the inside.  BUT I am also here to keep it real with you.  Many women wonder do looks matter? And the short answer to that questions is YES, BUT there is a long answer too, that does not sound like I am being shallow.  I will keep it real and let you know that people will not want to get to know your inside if you look crazy on the outside.  I am not judging you because there was a time when I would walk out of the house and look like a homeless person.  I thought to myself “I am just going to class or the store, no need to look good.”  That is wrong. I am also not going to condone that you need to have an expectation of yourself where you look like a model or a knock off of a celebrity in order to be pretty.Do Looks Matter? Here's A Legit Reason On Why They Do.

If no one is going to tell you the truth I will.  It pays to look good on the outside. But the key is that looking your best, helps you feel better about yourself,  and it will also determine how people view you.  There is no need to get plastic surgery to make yourself pretty.  You have to believe that you are already pretty and once you feel good about your  outward appearance, other people will believe that you are pretty too.  Confidence is everything.

If you don’t believe me, let me break it down for you. On at least three occasions when I was out and about looking fly….. I ran into my exes.  On one occasion I ran into one at the gas station.  To be honest, things ended badly so I did not even speak to him.  Not even when he came over to me and started talking.  I just looked at the cashier like I was deaf and did not notice this side voice talking to me.  Not to mention that he was a police officer with all of his police friends getting a coffee.  I guess he thought that since he treated me bad and I was looking good that day that I would be falling all over myself to talk to him.  WRONG! I paid for my stuff and bounced.  Not saying a word to him. Only to be greeted with a text a few minutes later telling me how rude I was AND how great I looked.  I may have been rude, but I was looking real good doing it. (Click to read my blog here on how I got this way).

The second time was when my ex (who is a fire fighter) must have saw me walking down the street down town.  I did not see him but he sure saw me.  And he wanted to let me know it by sending me a text messages letting me know that he just saw me from his fire truck and that I was looking good.

Do Looks Matter? Here's A Legit Reason On Why They Do.The third time is when a friend of my ex saw me at the library.  The friend decided to relay the message to my ex and let him know how great I was looking.  Which once again promoted the phone call to see what I was up to and to let me know he heard I had been taking care of myself.

The crazy thing about these situations is I looked the same when they dumped me.  I did not get a nose job or a boob job.  The only thing I got was more confidence and some style. I got better from the inside and out, and it showed to the point that all my exes wanted to contact me and let me know how awesome I looked. Imagine how different these stories would be if I looked a mess.  These stories could have been so different if I was looking like the hot mess express train ran me over and then backed up to ran me over again.They all would have thought, “I am so happy, I am not with her anymore.”

I can guarantee you when you have these priceless moments, they are indeed priceless.  Because you have the upper hand by knowing you reminded them of what they could have had and now they could not get it again even if they tried.

To answer your question, do looks matter? My answer would be that looks do not matter per se, But then really they do.  It matters that if you show up to a job interview with your breast hanging out, no bra, and sweat pants; that you will not get the job.  It matters that if you look like a crack head, than more than likely people will treat you like a crack head. I found that by looking good by your own standards will help you feel good about yourself.  Help you walk with confidence.  And if you run into an old high school friend, the last thing you want them to think is “Dang, what happen to her, she fell off.”  You want think to think “Like a fine wine, such and such did get better with time.”

So before you step out in your same ole sweat shirt that you have been wearing for the past month without washing it.  Try doing something for yourself.  Doing your make up and coordinating your outfit.