4 Simple Ways To Meet New People

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4 Simple Ways To Meet New People

Simple Ways To Meet New People

Today is the Day 15 of the Single Christian Woman’s challenge.  Click here to see all the days. 

Today’s Challenge is:

Day 15: Stranger Danger?

Start a conversation with a stranger. Reach out to someone you don’t know, and possibly make a new friend.

4 Simple Ways To Meet New People

For some people it is hard to find ways to meet new people.  Some people have moved to a new area or they just want to hang out with a new set of people.  But even if you are an introvert, meeting new people can be pretty easy. So here are four easy ways you can do it.

Meet Up

Meet up is pretty popular.  The good thing about Meet Up is that you can meet people based on a common interest.  You can go to a single’s meet up, a single woman’s over 30 meet up, a fashion meet up, art meet up, or any meet up you want.  And it is free to sign up.  So if you want to meet people like yourself with a common interest, Meet up is one of the best places to start.

                                              Happy Hour (And go alone).

Go to a happy hour that is popular and go alone.  It can be hard to meet new people if you already have a crowd of people hovering around you.  Instead go to happy hour alone and sit at the bar.  You will be amazed at how many people would randomly strike up a conversation with you because they are sitting at the bar alone too.  A disclaimer that I must put in there, is go to a happy hour that is popular.  I once when to a happy hour at a new place AND I was the only person in the entire place.  I did not meet new people.  Because no one was there to meet.

4 Simple Ways To Meet New PeopleTravel

Traveling alone can be intimidating. You can travel far alone on to start with a stay-cation to make less overwhelming. You can click here to see my blog here to see my staycation and how easy it was to meet people.  The best ways to meet people while you travel is to go to a high tourist spot, stay at a popular hotel that is known for tourist and go around and tour the city.  You can go to bars, museums, or to the beach.  Just get out and about and you are bound to run into new people.  Do not go to some remote area in God knows where, where no one will be because you will meet no one that way.  And do not go to a couple’s or a romantic resort.  Everyone is already boo’d up and you are not going to meet knew people that way.


Some people do not like to hang out with people at work.  I would not recommend hanging out with supervisors or people that are over you at the job.  That can be a little weird and the relationships can translate into the work place which can cause all type of issues.  But try hanging a fellow co-worker that you have something in common with.  Some of my best relationships to this day came from people that I met at work.

In case you missed it:

4 Simple Ways To Meet New People


  1. This is a fantastic topic! I love all of your great ideas for how to meet people and make new friends. I was just having a conversation about this very subject with one of my daughters. She’s an engineer working alongside an older age group (55+) and has been finding it hard to find quality people in her age group to become friends with. It also doesn’t help that she commutes 2.5 hours to work each way, which leaves less time for a social life. I’m going to pass along your suggestion about Meet Up. 🙂

  2. I love this list! Is there anything you’d add for older single women? (I read this on behalf of my mama in her late 50s). Just curious! Thanks for the info!
    Tiffany (PrettyRealBlog.com).

    • Yes. I think at meet up would be good for her. They have groups that are geared toward 50 and up women. I think it is one of the best ways to meet new people.

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