Low Self Esteem and Relationships Just Don’t Mix

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Low Self Esteem and Relationships Just Don't Mix

Some women have low self esteem and they know it and some women have low self esteem and they do not know it, but either way you put it, low self esteem and Low Self Esteem and Relationships Just Don't Mixrelationships equate to a bad relationship.

The main reason being is because having low self esteem sets the precedence that you will allow a man to walk all over you. Some men actually pray on women with low self esteem because it is easier to control women who feel bad about themselves.

Some of the common scenarios of women with low self esteem in a relationship consist of:

  • The woman stays in a bad relationship because she does not feel she can do better.
  • The woman allows a man to walk all over her, disrespect her, and makes her self esteem lower than what it already is.
  • Not all men feed off of women with low self-esteem but there are many men who do.

The signs usually consist of the following:

  • He wants to continue to break her down and makes her feel bad about herself. Typically, this is done through criticizing her appearance, how she acts, and how she dresses. 
  • He will continue to make her believe that he is the best “man” that she has ever had or can ever do. Typically this is not the case and it just a ploy to make her stay in a bad relationship by making her think she cannot do better.

What I believe is that

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Low Self Esteem and Relationships Just Don't MixThe worst mistake for a woman to make, is to allow other people to determine how she feels about herself.

This type of thinking will have the woman believing that she is not sufficient in her own right, when in fact she is. The woman will rely on a man to make her feel complete and as a result, she will take anything from the man, because she is so afraid that he will leave and leave her feeling incomplete.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, then my dear you may have low self esteem and what is worst is you are allowing your low self esteem to ruin your life and your relationship. And the only cure for your own low self esteem is yourself.

The first thing you must do in the case of low self esteem and a bad relationship is cut off the bad relationship. Just rip the band aid off.  It will only hurt for a little while, but over time you will see that you have made the right choice.  You have to make up in your mind that you do not need him, you deserve better AND DO NOT under any circumstances, go back.

The second thing you need to do is love yourself. And not in a cliché way, but really love yourself.  You are you for a reason, all the little things about yourself that are weird; learn to love them.  You are going to spend a long time in your skin so you mine as well get used to it.


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The third thing you need to do is do something to make yourself feel good. I know this is going to sound very superficial of me, but I believe that when you look good it will help you feel good.  And that can be different depending on who you are.  I like to dress up and do my makeup.  That may not be you, you may like to work out five times a day and keep your body in shape.  The point is to do something to make yourself feel good about your appearance (click to read my blog here on why looks matter).  And do not do it for someone else, but do it because you want to do it and you want to feel good about yourself.

I can almost guarantee you that once you raise your self esteem you will quickly realize that you do not need to put up with a lot of foolishness in a relationship.

When you feel bad about yourself then you are allowing the men you date to feel bad about you as well.

When a man thinks you’re a diamond he will value you (See my blog here) but if he thinks you are a cheap cubic zirconia then that is how he will treat you. And the only person that can determine how much you are worth is you. Low self esteem and relationships (and by relationships, I mean good relationships) just don’t mix.

Low Self Esteem and Relationships Just Don't Mix

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