5 Ways To Stay Positive While Coping With Depression

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Coping with depression can be hard, but if you allow it to overcome you it will. Depression exist, but we also have free will and it is within our will to fight the depression at every turn.

When everything seems to be falling apart around you, it is easy to sink down into a world of feeling sorry for yourself (Click my blog here for more on that topic) and the feeling that things are never going to get better. And if you stay in that stay of mind then that is what your life becomes.  If you stay depressed with no sense of joy then you are not effectively coping with your depression.  Although you have depression, you do not have to become your depression.

Here are 5 Ways To Stay Positive When Coping With Depression

Find a positive Coping With Depression? Here are 5 Ways To Stay Positive

Finding a positive is good when you are coping with depression.  Often times when you are depressed it is hard to feel anything good or like anything good will happen. When you start to feel that way, that is when your depression become dangerous.

When you do not have anything positive you can see, you start to think there is no positive, and then you start to wondering why you are here.  Allowing your depression to spiral out of control into an even deeper place such as suicide.  That is the last thing you want.

When coping with depression try to find a good situation in the midst of the bad situation. No matter what you are going through there is something good about your life.  As least, you have a bed to sleep in because there are people out there who do not have that.  At least you have a home or you had something to eat today, because there are some people who do not have that.

Even if you are homeless on the street with no place to live, then be thankful that you are still breathing.  Be thankful for that person that gave you change today.  Finding something positive will allow your mind to transform and be positive.  And if you cannot at all find a positive.  Then make a positive.  Do something for someone else and make their day. Also check out my blog on how to choose to be happy.

Maybe Your Downfall is a Blessing

Are you depressed about a certain situation or incident. You getting fired, getting divorced, or not being able to find a job.  Part of coping with depression is learning that even though your situation is depressing and you are depressed with your situation, the reason for your situation may be because there is something better in store. I cannot tell you how many stories I read about people who were fired from their job and that is what motivated them to start their own business or to write their own book. I believe that sometimes things get bad for you because it is God’s way of waking you up and telling you, you need to move forward and not stay stuck.

Sometimes you have to be pushed into something new and the only way for that to happen is for things to get bad for you (read my blog here on jump or be pushed).  I have learned that when people are in a sink or swim situation (read my blog here on sinking or swimming), their survival instincts will kick in and they will find a way to swim.

5 Ways To Stay Positive While Coping With DepressionI am a huge proponent of resiliency. Resiliency is ones ability to adapt positively to an adverse situation.  But the only way for resiliency to be formed is if one is exposed to some kind of hardship or adversity and is able to overcome it.  That means that when something bad has happened in your life it is not made to break you but to make you stronger as a person. And it is up to you to find out how to get stronger no matter what you are experiencing.  Check out my blog on thinking positive. 

Get Control Of Yourself

Believe it or not, you can choose to be the master of your own emotions.. You do not have to allow every negative thought to fester in your head until it consumes you (check out my blog on how to come out of depression).  It is important to squash those thoughts at their onset.

You have to choose to act happy when you do not feel happy.  Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.  I know it can be hard because when you are coping with depression that is the LAST thing you want to do.  Be happy and pretend like nothing is wrong.  Where here is a thought, do not pretend.  Actually set your mind and yourself to going out today and feeling happy.  When you start to feel depressed do not let let it drag you down.  Fight it.  You can have control over your mind and do not let some outside force such as depression consume your brain.  The fact of the matter is that no one is going to feel sorry for yourself as much as you feel sorry for yourself and feeling sorry for yourself is a huge part of depression.  You cannot allow yourself and your mind to sink into that state.

Talk To God

Did you know that when you talk to God He can talk back (read my blog here on that topic and here)? Who better to ask about your situation and what you should do than God. I have had angry conversations with God (read my blog here that).  I have screamed at Him.  And after I calm down and stop acting so irrational, He talks back.  He calms my spirit, gives me direction, and tells me what I need to do in the midst of my hardship.  So when you feel lost and like you have nowhere to go and no one to talk to.

God is there and He can help lead you out of that. The wonderful thing about God is that He can make you feel better.  He will never lie to you and He can tell you exactly what you want to hear and how to stop falling into the state of depression.  He will never go away, leave you or forsake you, and He is always watching and listening.  So no matter how depressed you are, know that there is a Father who created you in your mothers room and you were put here for a purpose.  As long as you are still breathing your job is not done yet. And if God saw fit to have you hear on Earth and to create you, there is a reason for it.

Coping With Depression? Here are 5 Ways To Stay Positive

 What Have You Done

For many people this is a hard pill to swallow. Because there are many times that, you are the reason for your depression. You are depressed because you feel like you have no purpose and you are lost.  And that feeling will continue to spiral out of control if you continue to have no purpose and feel pointless. Or some one is always doing something to you or you are the victim.  There are a thousand lies we tell ourselves so that we can invoke feeling sorry for ourselves and wanting others to feel sorry for us as well.

Instead of seeing yourself as the problem you want to blame other people and all these situations that just so happen to happen to you.  You want to play the victim.  Now that I have ripped the Band-Aid off.  It is not too late to change it.  You need to reflect on what steps you need to do or how you need to change to get yourself out of your depression ( I also talk about this in my spirit of poverty blog).  You need to have a come to Jesus moment with yourself and asked yourself “Am I my own worst enemy” or “Am I the reason for my problems.”  If so, you need to figure out how you can change that.

Find out what your purpose is or work on yourself.  Take personality responsibility for your downfalls and set to making them right instead of expecting other people to do it. Coping with depression can be hard but it does not have to be your way of life.

Coping With Depression? Here are 5 Ways To Stay Positive


  1. I struggle with depression too, have almost all my adult life. I blog about it regularly because I don’t want others to feel alone. One thing I’ve started doing this year is making a conscious effort to give back, whether it be making a donation to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or donating all my baby’s outgrown clothes and gear to a non-profit that helps low income moms. Just the act of putting something good out into the world makes me feel better.

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