5 “Why Am I Still Single” Myths You Should Know About

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Debunking Myths "Why Am I Still Single?"

Do you wonder”Why am I still single?” You are a completely functional women and there is no good reason why you are single. But then everyone around you wants to pester you about a man and then give you their unsolicited advice as to why you DON’T have a man. Even if there advice is NOT true.

Well as a 30 plus single woman (see my blog here), I know what the world around us has to say about still being season and how you must be the cause for it.  But being single is NOT a terminal illness (click to read my blog for more). Nothing is wrong with you.  That is why I have to ease your concerns and address

Debunking Myths "Why Am I Still Single?"

5 Why Am I Still Single? Myths You Should Know About

Why am I still single myth #1 You’re too picky

At the end of the day whoever you choose to marry you are going to be stuck with them for the rest of your life unless you get a divorce. Which means that you need to be able to actually like him as a person.  You can’t afford NOT to be picky,  because marrying anyone would lead you into a marriage with a person you don’t like.  Anyone who says that you are too picky, do not pay them any attention.

You have a right to be picky and choose who you want to be in a relationship with.  Unless the person that is telling you, you are too picky is going to come to your house everyday and be married to your future husband, they really do not have a say on who you do and don’t like. 

Why am I still single myth #2 You’re too independent, assertive, and/or arrogant.

Debunking Myths "Why Am I Still Single?"

It is not in me to have low self-esteem. So the fact that you want me to dumb myself down for anyone just to prove that I am wife material is beyond crazy to me.  Men should not be intimidated by these things,  a real man should want a woman with these traits to join forces with so they can conquer the world together.  Any man who tries to tell you that the positive traits you have are bad, then that is an insecure man.  No man should want to make you feel bad for being awesome.

The disclaimer to this, is that assertive is not a bad thing nor is being independent. There is a difference between assertive and aggressive (see my blog here). So you need to determine if you really are assertive or of you are a jerk.  Also you do not want to be arrogant that is a bad thing. Classy women (see my blog here) know how to stand out without giving the arrogant vibe.

Why am I still single myth #3 You don’t show a man that you want him enough.

I am all for showing a man appreciation, but let men earn your appreciation. A man cannot sit around my house and do absolutely nothing for me and expect for me to give him a round of applause or worship the ground that he walks on, just because he is there.  Once a man is willing to show a his true character, then that is when I am more willing to show him more appreciation. Never chase after a man. Click here to read more on chasing a man. And never feel like you have to worship a man because you are single.  Let a man earn your appreciation, not just give it to him freely for being born. There is nothing wrong with that.

Debunking Myths "Why Am I Still Single?"

Why am I still single myth #4 Your beliefs are outdated.

I just so happen to believe that a man should work and take care of his family. I am not the type of woman that wants to go to work all day while I watch a man do nothing. Even as time progresses there are some things that never changed.  Remember submission does not mean slave.  I do not think a wife should be an servant to a man.  But a man should be a leader, a provider, and show some level of chivalry.  Those beliefs are not dead and still believing in these things does not make you anti-feminist, sexist, or something else that you are not.

Why am I still single myth #5  You should compromise on your beliefs.

If you have not read my blog on the importance so being equally yoked then I invite you to read it here. I am not against any other religion, but I do want my future husband to be Christian, because I am Christian.  And if my husband does not understand my relationship with God, then he does not understand me, because that is a large part of who I am.  It is my desire that he will also have his own relationship with God.

I use that as an example because that is something that I know for a fact that I will not compromise on.  Everyone has her own relationship deal breakers (click to read my blog) that she will not compromise on.  It is important to know those things and know that it does not make you worthy of being single because you stick to your guns on certain things you believe.

I know that everyone has their own “why am I still single” myths.  And to be honest some of you may  have some crazy things that you do that are keeping your single.  But that is up for you decide and deal with.  Do not let anyone make you compromise on what you are looking for in a man all for the sake and changing your relationship status.

5 "Why Am I Still Single" Myths You Should Know About