Say It Loud. I’m Single And I am Proud. Debunking Myths The World Gives You Why You Are Still Single.

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As a single woman over 30 there are plenty of lies the world use to tell me as the reason why I am still single and not married.

  1. Your too picky36331644_l

At the end of the day whoever you chose to marry you are going to be stuck with them for the rest of your life unless you get a divorce. Which means that I need to be able to actually like him as a person.  I can’t afford not to be picky, that would lead me into a marriage with a person that I don’t like.  And who wants that?

2. You’re too independent, assertive, and/or arrogant.

It is not in me to have low self-esteem. So the fact that you want me to dumb myself down for anyone just to prove that I am wifey material is beyond crazy to me.  I am the type of person that has dreams and knows what I want.  I am not willing to make myself seem less smart, less independent, or less motivated so that the man that I am dating can feel manlier.  I do not think really men should be intimidated by these things, I think that a real man should want a woman with these traits to join forces with so they can conquer the world together.

 3. You don’t show a man that you want him enough.

I am all for showing a man appreciation, but they have to earn my appreciation. A man cannot sit around my house and do absolutely nothing for me and expect for me to give him a round of applause or worship the ground that he walks on.  Once a man is willing to show me a true character of a man, then that is when I am more willing to show him more appreciation.

32230141 - sad lonely girl sitting on a bench near to a big red heart4. You beliefs are outdated.

I just so happen to believe that a man should work and take care of his family. I am not the type of woman that wants to go to work all day while I watch you do nothing. If having a stay at home husband works for you, then great! But that is not for me, if I am working then you need to be working. I want to trust the man that I am with to make the right financial decisions for his family and act in our best interest.  I do not think that expected a man to be the head of household is outdated.

  5. You should compromise on your beliefs.

If you have not read my blog on the important so being equally yoked then I invite you to read it here. I am not against any other religion, but I do want my future husband to be Christian, because I am Christian.  And if my husband does not understand my relationship with God, then he does not understand me, because that is a large part of who I am.  It is my desire that he will also have his own relationship with God.

You may be reading this and think that I have some nerve. I am not perfect but I do not know what I want.  And since I am the person living my life, I cannot live it according to other people’s expectations of who I should and should not be with. Living a life that other people expect of you will be living their lives not yours.  If I am single for the rest of my life, then I know that it was my choice and it was something I was willing to do as oppose to be unhappy with someone else.


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