How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

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How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

It can be hard to learn how to be a classy woman in a world in which we are mixing classy with a whole lot of things other than classy, also known as trashy.  I do not want to judge any woman because whatever any woman chooses to do with their own life is her business. But know that if you are choosing to look, act, speak, and dress a way that does not exude class then that is how you will be perceived.How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

With that being said if you want to know how to be a classy woman then you also must accept that class is not one dimensional. Meaning that you can dress classy, but when you open your mouth you can also sound trashy.  You can sound classy but when you want into a room dressed like a homeless person people are going to tend to think you are homeless.

Learning how to be a classy woman is something that is from the inside and the outside, it is being beautiful from the inside and out.  So here are some of my top six tips on how to be a classy woman.

How to be a Classy Woman Tip #1: Sound Classy

To be a classy woman you have to sound classy.  Sounding classy does not mean that you walk around having a fake British accent because you think that is what class is, you will just sound foolish.  Sounding classy is in the way that you talk and the way that you come across with your voice.

The first thing you want to do is to sound smart (click my blog here). You do not have to be a human dictionary and know every word in it, but you should have a good vocabulary and know how to properly pronounce the words you are trying to use.  Also, use correct grammar.  It is hard to sound classy when you say “I ain’t gotta do nothing, I’m not tryin to do.” That sentence is so wrong I do not know where to even start.  And when you say it people will assume that you are ignorant and that you cannot even take the time to formulate a proper sentence.

You should also limit your slang and profanity. I use slang sometimes only when appropriate and only when it is funny.  But to spend your whole sentence using slang to the point that no one even knows what you are talking about.  Let’s not do that.  An example of would be “That trick over there was so thirsty that I had to give that broad a drink.” No part of that sentence says classy. And if you say this to most people, most people will not know what you just said.

Also, when you text or type, spell things out in the way that they are supposed to be spelled.  None of your social medial or text messages should say “U r so cray.”

Also when sounding classy watch your tone and how loud you are.  I remember being with a girlfriend in a nice restaurant and she was an educated woman.  But when she a laughed it was SOOOO loud to the point that people turned around and looked at her because they thought someone had stabbed with the steak knife.  There is no need to yell when you are speaking or sound very aggressive when talking to people.  Even if you get mad at someone properly articulate yourself (check out my blog here on assertive communication versus aggressive communication) and do not yell at someone back and forth getting into a screaming match. A classy woman knows how to properly articulate herself to get her point across AND walk away.  Not get into a screaming match with someone and tries to always be right.

How to be a Classy Woman Tip #2: Act Classy

On that note a classy woman needs to act classy.  I talked about some of this in the above paragraph. Meaning that you should not get into public screaming matches or crazy altercations with people, especially in public.  Forget what the reality shows say, fighting someone in the middle of a restaurant is not normal.

Acting classy, also means that when you go out you do not need to get sloppy drunk and fall out on the floor.  It also means that you do not need to get loud or rude with people for no reason what so ever.  If you are having trouble on how to act classy then think of a classy woman such as Michelle Obama or even Oprah. When you are unsure on how to behave then imagine these people in your head.  If you cannot see them acting the way that you are about to act then it is not a classy move.

How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

More than anything a classy woman has control over her emotions.  As human beings we get angry, upset, and/or frustrated. But acting classy about it is different from going off the hinges.  You should know how to control your emotions (see my blog here) and behave in a way that expresses your feelings but still does not bring you out of your character.

How To Be A Classy Woman Tip #3:  Dress Classy

In the world of Instagram models that are letting it all hang out over social media and getting popular for it, it can be so easy to fall into a world of showing everything. But classy women do not do that. Classy women know that there is a way to be fashionable without showing the world what you have under your clothes.  When you think of how classy women dress think Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (click my blog here), Kate Middleton (click my blog here), Taylor Swift (click my blog here), or Solange Knowles (click my blog here).

All of these are fashionable women, their clothes show that they have class and these women do not just have their breast and butt hanging out for all the world to see.

How To Be A Classy Woman Tip #4:  Do Classy Things

Everyone has hobbies.  But classy women’s hobby do not consist of going to a bar, getting drunk, and passing out at the end of the night. You can click here to read my blog on how to have a grown and sexy night out.  No one is telling you that as a woman you cannot go out, but choose to hang out in classy spots instead.

Going to happy hour a nice restaurant where you have to dress up over choosing to go to happy hour at a bring your own bottle place.  Choosing a hobby like golf (which I learned by the way) over choosing a hobby like the twerking club. Or going to an art gallery or fine art events, over going to a club.   How you spend your time can say a lot to you as woman.

How To Be A Classy Woman Tip #5: Get Exposed

I love to travel. Since my mother was in the military from the time I was 2-22 I got to travel a lot. I even got a chance to live abroad. And because I had that experience I understand how getting out of your own backyard can help you get more cultured and learn about a world outside of your own.How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

Have you every heard a classy woman tell someone that they have never traveled out of their own home town.  Probably not, because classy women are cultured. Classy women have gone places and they have seen things.  Classy women have friends from all types of backgrounds.  Classy women do not just hang out with black women because they are black and that is all they know.  Classy women just hang out with other classy people. Classy women can speak about other things outside themselves because they have talked to other cultures and other people.  That is the importance of getting out of traveling.

How To Be A Classy Woman Tip #6: Walk the Walk

With anything it is important to be who you say you are.  You can say that you are classy but if you are always on the verge of being evicted or having your lights turned off, that is not a classy move.  That is a poverty mindset (click my blog to read more on that).  Being classy is beyond what you have.  There is a hood rich mentality, in which people pretend to be classy through their material belongings, but really when they get home they are struggling in poverty. That is far from classy

When I say walk the walk that does not mean that you need to go out and spend all of your money on getting car you cannot afford, just because the car gives the appearance of classy.  Walking the walk means that you have your stuff together. You have your bills paid on time, you have a job, you are educated, you are emotionally stable.  Being a classy woman does not mean that you are putting on a front of being classy. It means that you are classy.

Just like I am a woman I do not have to go around telling everyone I am a woman. They can see that from how I looked, the way that I dress, the way that I speak. I am a female. It is the same about being classy.  You should not have to go around telling everyone you are classy. If you are really classy then people should be able to see that, not because you tell them but because how you are and how you live your life.

Being a classy woman has nothing to do with having a silver spoon in your mouth or where you were born.  I am a firm believer that you can become a classy woman no matter what your back story is, but understand that it may take some learning and transformation on your part.  Being classy woman and not feeding into the trashy women persona that is going around today is a benefit, and most GOOD men that are about something want to make a classy woman his wife. Not someone who is trashy.

How To Be a Classy Woman Over A Trashy Woman

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