Girls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexy

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ls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexy

Girls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexy

Today is Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 10.  If you want to see all of the days click here to see the blog from the Barn Princess:

Today’s Challenge is

Day 10: Girls’ Night Out

Plan a girls’ night out with your besties. Get all dressed up and go out to eat, to the movies, or shopping.

Since I am over thirty, I have to come up with girls night out ideas for grown and sexy when.  I am pass the stage where I want to be at a club on my feet all night and pass the stage where I want to be in a crowded bar with no where to sit.  Plus if an 18 year old boy comes up to me and ask for my number.  I do not even know what my reaction would be.  I do not want to be like how Stella Got her Grove back.  I prefer places and people of my own ls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexyage.

Which is why I came up with 5 Girls Night Out Ideas for Those Lady who more grown and sexy.

  1. Girls Night Out Ideas ~ Choose a Lounge Over a Club.

I said I was over the traditional club scene, I never said I did not like to dance.  I love to dance, and the difference between a lounge and a club is that a lounge typically has more seating, food, you can choose to dance or you can choose to chill out and lounge.  Hence the word lounge.  Some lounges even have additional activities such a pool table (which I do play by the way).

If you go to a lounge often times you can reserve a table.  This way you can have something to come back to once you have been dancing to rest your feet, order some food, or order some drinks. Lounges also tend to draw a more mature crowd.

  1. Girls Night Out Ideas ~ Choose an Uber Black Car Service

I am a big fan of not driving, and that means if you want to drink (not get sloppily passed out drunk) do not confuse the two; you do not have to worry about driving and putting other people at risk.  Gone are the days where you have to rent a limo or something in advance, you can take an Uber.  They have luxury car options that you can choose from, that way when you go to wherever you are going you can arrive in style.  AND you can split the cost between your girlfriends.

  1.                                                            Girls Night Out Ideas ~  Dress Up

I am a girl who loves to wear makeup and dress up.  When you go out not only do you need to dress up, but you need to go to a place that requires you to dress up.  A grown and sexy dress code mean no jeans, no tennis shoes, and no tee shirts.  Not only will you have to dress up but the men will have to dress up as well.  Which increases the chances that they are productive contributing members of society, which means that if you met someone in one of these places….they are more likely to have a job and know how to act. Also you are more likely to meet other grown and sexy people.  It is really rare that the younger crowd will go to an event that you have to get super dressed up for.  Check out my outfit on the right for New Years.  A more formal affair.

  1. Girls Night Out Ideas ~ Take a Trip

Who does not want to take a trip?  For a grown and sexy girls trip you can chose places like Vegas, New York, DC, or California because they have different options for you to get your grow and sexy on.  Keep in mind the above tips that I gave you before in go out to decrease your chances of ending up somewhere reckless and ratchet.  Look online at reviews of places that you want to go.  In case you are confused about where to start, focus on hotels with a 4 to 5 star rating AND ones who have the dress code that I talked about above.  You may even consider Casinos.  You do not have to gamble but often times they have some other form of entertainment and have a respectable setting.

  1. Girls Night Out Ideas ~ Happy Hour

If you are like me I am too the point that I do not want to stay out all night.  I start to get sleepy.  That is why I suggest meeting up with yourls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexy girlfriends after work and going to happy hour.  Not all happy hours are created equal.  For a grown and sexy happy hour, skip out on the TGI Fridays and opt for placed like Bone Fish Grill or Ruth’s Chris.  In case you are confused about where to go once again the internet is your friend, read reviews on places.  Also go to places in which there is a business district where people have good jobs and want to go to happy hour.  That way you can meet people that can hold intellgiant conversation and you know the happy hour is more geared toward working adults. And as a grown and sexy woman this is where you want to be.  Not to catch a man, but to be around people who are not going to shoot up the place and meet people who want to have a productive and normal conversation.  And if you meet a man in the process then even better.

Tips if you want to hit up happy hour.  You have to go straight from work so be sure to wear something to work that is professional and cute enough to wear to the bar or happy hour.  Do your hair and put on some make up, even wear heels. The last thing you want to do is to step into happy hour looking like you just had your worse day at work.

  1. Girls Night Out Ideas ~ Choose a somewhere that is gear toward your age

Now if you want to get your grown and sexy on, know that not all places are created equal.  When I was in college I went to places that were geared toward 18 and up.  When I was 21 I went to places that are gear toward 21 and up.  When I was 25 I went to places that were geared to 25 and up.  I mean you get the picture. If you are grown, then go where grown people are.  Try to go to places that are geared toward your age range and they only let people in that are past a certain age.  The last thing I want to do is go to a club at 30 that is geared toward younger college students.

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ls Night Out Ideas For The Grown and Sexy


  1. Hi Sophia, you look absolutely gorgeous in that new year eve’s outfit, love that pink skirt! I am also past 30 and would definitely like to visit a place more geared towards my age group with like-minded people….I definitely can’t party so hard like I used to 10 years ago…haha… Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Ha ha. We did not get the memo last week in Chicago when my besties and I (46) all partied down with the babies. So funny. They kept looking at us like were someone’s mom come to get them!

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