How To Sound Smart and Hold An Intelligent Conversation

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Do you want to know how to sound smart? Well you have come to the right place.  I am always the same person but there is a Sophia that talks to her girlfriends and there is the PhD Sophia that talks about clinical mental health stuff at work.  Just because you want to sound smart it does not change who you are as a person, it is just changing how you articulate yourself.

The Sophia that talks with her girlfriends a certain way would never show up to a job interview and speak to my potential employers the same way. When you know how to sound smart and articulate yourself properly, it opens up a wide range of opportunities for you.  Because sounding smart makes people think you are smart.

So here are my top six ways on how to sound smart.

Read Books.How To Sound Smart. Six Ways To Hold An Intelligent Conversation

I do not mean read erotica or some type of urban fiction that does not use proper grammar anyway. You can read them for fun, but do not look to them to teach you how to speak well. Instead, read books that are intellectual books that teach you something, and books that use big words. The more you read these types of books the more you learn and understand how to sound smart AND you get cultured about a different subject matter. Apart of sounding smart is being able to speak on a wide range of intellectual topics.

Here are some books suggestions:

Read Magazines, NewsPapers and Other Smart People Publications

Try reading the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and FORBES. I can’t say it enough, you need to feed your brain.  Teach yourself something new and read about educated topics.  Before you know it, you will be able to speak intellectually as well.

How To Sound Smart. Six Ways To Hold An Intelligent ConversationHang Around Smart People.

When I worked at a job in which I would have to regularly interact with political people, I listened to them speak AND they all sounded very smart. It was not that I COULD not sound smart; it was that I chose not to sound smart.  Once I started hanging around them more I was able to pick up on how other smart people communicated with one another.

Go to Meetups that have smart people in them or even find an office job as receptionist at a law office or something.  Being around smart people will help you pick up the way they speak.

Watch the News

Do not watch some weird bias news that is not really news at all. Watch CNN or a notable news channel.  Keep abreast of worldly events.  Part of sounding smart is being educated on what is going on in the world.  If you are able to bring up worldly events and are able to speak about them from an informed perspective, you are automatically going to sound smart.

Go to college or take extra classes

College requires you to write papers, read textbooks, and learn additional information that you did not know before. Which will make you smarter and allow you to be able to hold conversations that are smarter.  I don’t think anyone would sit down and talk to an Ivy league college student and say they sound dumb.  Because the education they are receiving allows them to learn how to write well and they learn to speak about intellectual topics.

Look Smart

When you feel confident on the outside, it gives you more confidence in the way you speak. You can look at a man in a 3-piece suit that is carrying a brief case and you would probably assume that he is a smart businessman.  Outward appearance does give you confidence, if you look smart you will feel smart, and then you will talk smart.

Now that you see all of the ways on how to sound smart, I hope that you are able to put some of these things into action.

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How To Sound Smart. Six Ways To Hold An Intelligent Conversation

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