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32 and Ticking. A Reflection of a Single Woman in her 30’s

This past weekend I turned 32.  Since I was already in my 30’s there is no life changing depression that came with me being older.  But what did come was reflection.  By 30 I thought that I would live the fairy tale life of being married with kids and a huge house with a white picket fence.  The truth of the situation is that I am not married, I am a single mother, and I just relocated to the DC area for a better job. The end results was me moving with my mother until my home sales in Richmond.  At first I was sad at the thought of a 30 something year old woman living with her mother.  I have not live with my mother since I was 18 years old!

I thought I would hate it.  BUT I love it.  Since becoming a grandma she has found new found energy.  She wakes my son up every day, gets him ready for school, and makes him a nice breakfast.  With me, I would just shout into his room, he would get himself ready, and he would get a pop tart or a bowl of cereal or something….as we rush out the door so I am not late for work and he is not late for school.  What I thought would be bad is actually pretty good.

Now the further reflection comes.  Now that I have more help, more freedom, and more deposable income; what can I do to make me happy? I love to travel.  Growing up I always traveled being that my mother was in the military. I also held the belief that someday my prince will come and take me on elaborate romantic vacations.  But now I am 32.  There are no vacations with my man in sight because I do not have a man. So my choices are to sit and wait for Mr. Right to come (which could be never or 10 years from now) or take hold of some of these things on my own.

I used to travel a lot some of that stopped when my mother got out of the military.  All of the friends I use to travel with got married and have kids so they do not have time to be young and free with me, chasing the wind into nowhere.  But I do have the time, it is not my fault they have a ball and chain.   And so I have decided GASP…. To travel alone.  It has been on my heart for so long now.  I have lived in other countries, but that was before terrorist started flipping out and bombing tourist spots.  That was before I was aware that human trafficking people kidnap women like me and take them somewhere, never to be seen or heard from again.  THE HORROR!

But either you can be scared of life or live life.  I made of list of places I want to go.  Both domestic and overseas.  I think I will start stateside first.  Then once I get over my kidnapping fear I will branch out.  And it makes it so much easier.  My house just sold, so I do not have to pay mortgage or other bills.  And my mother is there to chip in to watch my son.  Since I still have a job I will mostly travel on the weekend on holidays.  I will also plan trips for me and my son. But it is settled.

But the whole moral of this story is that as you find yourself getting older and waiting for someone to come in and complete life, realize that you are complete on your own.  You do not half to wait for anyone.  You can go and live your dreams and make things happen with just you no man or married friends needed.  Turning 32 makes me realize you will get older no matter what and times waits for no one.  Therefore, it is best to take advantage of the time you are given.

About Sophia Reed (295 Articles)
I am a single mother of one, Christian, and Lover of Life. I have a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy, I am a National Certified Counselor, and I am currently a PhD candidate in Human Behavior. I love motivating others and encouraging all women to be beautiful from the inside and out. To get in contact with me, you can email me at

2 Comments on 32 and Ticking. A Reflection of a Single Woman in her 30’s

  1. Amen !!! As single mom I wanted the man to validate and fix my life. Meanwhile God has already shown me that He is my maker and husband ( Isiaiah 5
    4). I want to be free and live my life. Please keep writing it is very inspiring. Love from Htown, Tx.


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