How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

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How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

What would you rather do? Soar like an eagle or sit like a duck? Before you answer this question I want to give you the context of what both an eagle and a duck is.

When you think of an eagle it is a majestic and a strong bird. It soars higher than the other birds.  It soars so high that sometimes other birds cannot even reach its altitude. You do not often see a flock of eagles flying around, they normally fly alone.

Now when you think of a duck.  A duck sits in the water looking lost in the sauce. If one ducks fly away then most of them fly away.  They fly in flocks, all doing the same thing, and all looking the same.How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

How To Know If You Are A Duck

When you choose to be a duck you are choosing to follow the crowd and do what everyone else does.  Once my son and I went to feed a flock of ducks that were resting in a pond by our house.  One of the ducks let out a quack at the sight of us and like that ALL the ducks flew off.

Had one duck even stayed then maybe they would have figured out that we were trying to give them food.  But what did the ducks do.  They took the word or quack of one scared duck and all flew off.  That is what ducks do, people who are ducks are scared to step out on faith (see my blog here). They are scared to stand out and all they want to do is fit in and fly around with the other ducks.  If one duck says move then the duck moves. But if even one duck stayed and decided not to follow the crowd then they would have had a whole loaf of bread to themselves.

When people are ducks they are not leaders.  They are just letting life and situations pass them by, sitting in the pond doing nothing really significant.  They never fly too high and they never break away from the pack.  They stay in the life of ordinary and familiar; and are fearful to be all that they can be.

How many people do you know like that? They are scared to dream. Scared to fly or even scared to try.  Instead they stay in a life that is monotonous because they want to do what everyone else is doing and not stray from the other pack of ducks. They don’t think for themselves and they have no desires for themselves.

How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

How To Know If You Were Mean to Soar Like An Eagle

Now an eagle on the other hand. How many of you have seen an eagle in real life soar in the air?  If you had then you would know what it means to soar like an eagle. To see an eagle in its natural habitat is rare. While ducks can be seen any and every where, if you see an eagle you count yourself lucky.  It may be so high in the sky that you find yourself wondering if you are even seeing an eagle.  The way it flies is unmistakable and the majestic nature of the eagle is incredible.

I may be laying it on thick but when people look at you do you want them to see a duck or an eagle.  A duck in the pond with other ducks, perhaps following other people around begging for bread crumbs. Or a majestic eagle that is rare, beautiful, and people feel privileged being around.

If you want to soar like an eagle

If you want to soar like an eagle then you must be an eagle. A duck can never pretend to be an eagle. Even if it got away with the pretending, a duck is not as strong and it cannot fly as high.  It will always come out in the wash if a duck is pretending to be an eagle that it is not an eagle because it cannot do what an eagle does.

How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

So if you want to soar like an eagle you have to be confident in your abilities.  Do not get affected with other people bring you down (see my blog here) because an eagle is not surrounded by people anyway.  An eagle does not look for validation or permission to be, it just is.  That is why if you do not want to be a duck you have to live your life. Stop letting other people tell you what they want you to do and how they want you to live (see my blog here). Because that is duck behavior.

When you choose to soar like an eagle that also means that you are choosing to be different and stand out. And as an eagle you know that even if you do not have a flock there is nothing you cannot accomplish on your own (see my blog here). As an eagle you do not fear life, you do not fear hard work, and you do not fear to dream (see my blog here). As an eagle you know that a dream is just a preview of your life to come and you do not get intimidated by what seems to be impossible.

As a duck you will just sit there let life pass you by, then one day you will wake up looking crazy wondering what happened to your life and where the time went. As a duck you will accomplish nothing significant, done nothing significant, and no one will really remember you.

How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck

To determine which one you are you need to be honest with yourself. I am convinced that there are plenty of ducks out there in the pond thinking that they are the best bird ever. Forget the fact that cannot soar and they are not the strongest.  They don’t

know that.  And it is the same for yourself. If you are a duck sit and ask yourself what have you done with your life? Who have you touched and what are you doing? Do you have a purpose or a passion or are you letting it be fed to you by other people?

And if are a duck and you are okay being a duck then there is no judgment from me. But know that you can be an eagle.  I believe everyone was meant to soar like an eagle and be the exception and not the rule. You just have to determine which bird you want to be.

How To Soar Like an Eagle and NOT Sit Like A Duck