Dare to Be Something Great and Have Faith Your Dream will Come True

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Dare to Be Something Great and Have Faith Your Dream will Come True

Dare to Be Something Great and Have Faith Your Dream will Come TrueDare to Be Something Great and Have Faith Your Dream will Come True

Today is the Christian Single Woman’s Challenge Day 19.  To see the full month click here.

Today’s Challenge is:

Day 19: Be daring.

Do something daring with today’s look and spend the whole day thinking positively. Get outside your comfort zone. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Try something new.

Have you ever heard that old son “if you don’t have a dream, then how you gonna make a dream come true?” Being daring can come in all forms. The biggest dare that you can give yourself is to dare yourself to be something great and actually take yourself up on that dare.  Daring can be something like jumping off of a bridge or sky diving. But once you do that then what?  That experience last for a few minutes at best and then it is over.  A better dare it for you to try to stretch yourself and your imagination to the limits and really think about what type of things you can achieve in your life. Once you have the picture in your mind of what you want your ideal self to be, then dare to be that person.

Sometimes  we do not let our minds really think about what we can achieve.  Because it is too far “out there” or we are too afraid of success (see my blog here on fear of success). I have a master’s degree and I am fining up my PhD, those who know me find it extremely strange that I want to blog.  They simply do not get it.  I have degrees, education, and a steady 9-5 job.  People do not understand why I would want to change that.  The answer is simple.  Because I see myself as something they cannot imagine.  I can just stay in a box and do traditional job, the gifts that God has gave me has set me up for more than that.  And so I have learned that even if other people cannot see my dream or understand my dream, I am daring myself to be out of the ordinary.  I would not be a dare if it made sense right?

 God puts a dream in every ones heart.

Either you can dare to dream and believe that God can do the impossible or you can stay in a box Click To Tweet

If you want to look at this challenge and do something daring.  To you that may mean skinny dipping or mooning someone from the back seat of your car.  But I dare you to do something bigger.  I dare you to go into the deepest corners of your heart and dare to believe that something impossible can come true.  I dare you to believe with all of your soul and your might that you can achieve and be something great.  And I dare you not only to believe, but put some actions behind those thoughts and work at it.

“if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

It pays to have a positive outlook on ourselves, our lives, and what we can do.  It pays dare yourself on a daily basis that you can achieve wonderful and stretch yourself to the limit.

  • If you are depressed.  Dare yourself to be happy.  And when any thoughts of depression come your way push them aside and think only positive and happy thoughts.
  • If you get anxiety, dare yourself to be a conqueror.  Know that you can overcome it.  Believe it and have no doubt in your mind.
  • If you are struggling financially.  Dare yourself to do something about it.  Believe that it is not meant for you to be poor and struggling all of your life.

Not only dare yourself but also believe it.  Believing that something is impossible is called faith.  And faith without works is dead.  So if you only believe it, but you do not dare yourself to achieve it, then you will not go anywhere.

Dare to Be Something Great and Have Faith Your Dream will Come True

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  1. I LOVE your dare to dream series. They are so inspiring! I love that with faith after daring to dream comes the opportunity for dreams to happen. Keep on being inspiring and sharing joy with others. You are fabulous.

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