God Can Use a Rock To Do What People Refuse To Do. So Let The Rocks Cry Out!

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How many times have you put yourself out there for an opportunity only to be disappointed? How many times has someone said they were going to help you, only for them to not follow through on their word?  I remember when I first had big dreams for myself I used to put myself out there, expect for people to help me along the way, and I used to expect for people to see my greatness and fall over themselves to give me an opportunity.  When that did not happen I was left feeling disappointed.49516651 - strict businesswoman sitting at the desk and talking with employee

I remember it was in that moment that I decided to have a one on one praying session with God to vent out my frustrations. I was upset that for some people things seems to work out for them.  They seem to bump into the right person at the right time and then their life changed.  And here I was begging for people to get me an opportunity.  Begging for people to see the value in me and to give me a chance.  And yet nothing was working out.

It was in the moment I decided that If the door doesn’t open then I was going to kick it in (see blog here). And it was like God spoke to me and told me that as long as I had Him that I did not have to rely on people for my purpose.  And God spoke to me and said.

 “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40

The context of this verse was that Jesus came into Jerusalem and people began to cheer for Him as he came through the city. But Jesus understood something that was very important. That even if the people did not cheer for Him or recognize who He was, then God would use the rocks (an inanimate object that is not alive), to cry out in recognition of His glory.

God choses to give me metaphors in such an odd way. And in case you missed what I am trying to say then let me break it down to you.

Jesus understood that He came here to help people and He was the son of God, BUT He did not need to be validated by people. Even if the people would not recognize who He was God could use something as insignificant as a rock to get the same task established that the people refuse to do.  The rocks would cry out in recognition of Jesus if the people refuse to cry out.

68069236 - woman sitting church religion conceptAnd that is what we all have to understand. If you are on God’s path and He has ordained you to do something, then understand that you do not need man to validate you or even help you out.  It would be great if they did but even if they didn’t you are going to get to your destiny regardless.  As long as you have God on your side God can use anything, aka a rock, to help you reach your full potential.

He can use a video to help you spread your message to the masses or a blog to help you spread your purpose to people all across the world. So never get discouraged by what other people are not doing for you. Do not despise humble beginnings.  I have said it once and I will say it again just because the glass does not appear full does not mean it will remain empty.  I have learned that looking at the cup half empty makes me realize how much harder I have to work to make it full (click here to read that blog). 

And that is why I know if someone does not want to help me out it is their lost. If someone does not recognize my value, then it is their lost.  If someone does not want to give me a raise or a promotion, then it is their lost.  As long as you have you and as long as you have God, that is the only help you need.  Your only job is to put yourself in the position to be blessed.  And even if no one else wants to bless you then know that God can use even a rock to get His task accomplished.

Sometimes God isolates you on purpose and the only person working toward your purpose is you and Him. He does not allow anyone else to help you because He does not want anyone else to take credit for the places He is about to take you.


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4 Comments on God Can Use a Rock To Do What People Refuse To Do. So Let The Rocks Cry Out!

  1. What a powerful verse. I love how you say that sometimes God isolates you on purpose sometimes. It’s hard to work towards any goal when you have other people cluttering your head with things they want and need from you, the same is very true when you’re working on your relationship with God. I always feel more at peace after i’ve had quiet time with God and I always smile and tell him Thank You for taking the time to pull me away from everything else going on and making me focus on Him.

  2. I struggled with needing people, but over the past few years God has truly revealed that I was using that need as a crutch. It ultimately was a distraction because all I really needed to do was believe in what He was calling me to do. Now, I do believe that He will put people in your path to achieve whatever it is He is calling you to do, but I emphasize on Him placing the people versus us going out searching for the people.

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