If You Look At A Glass Half Empty You Will Work Harder

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If You Look At A Glass Half Empty You Will Work Harder

If You Look At A Glass Half Empty You Will Work Harder

If You Look At A Glass Half Empty You Will Work Harder

I have a habit of looking at the glass half empty and normally that is seen as being cynical. But I disagree, looking at the glass half empty does not mean that I am depressed or that I cannot look on the bright side.  Looking at the glass half empty has helped me realized how hard I need to work to get my glass all the way full. Looking At Glass half Empty Can Make You Work Harder

I once heard an interesting quote from a friend of mine. She said you should never compare yourself to the worse but always compare yourself to the best.  And I have found that to be true.  If I was to look at the average person my age, they may say that I am doing well.  But I do not want to be average.  So I compare myself to other people that I aspire to be like.  I look at what they have done at my age and if I am not where they were then it just inspires me to work harder.

And that is the looking at the glass half empty complex. Looking at the glass half empty does not mean you fully lack optimism.  It just means that you are fully aware of how much work you need to put in, in order to make your glass full. I am a firm believer that hard work will pay off if you do it right (see my blog here), which means that you need to always be working toward a goal in order to achieve it.

If you get content with your glass being half empty then you would become stagnant and complacent.  You will say to yourself.

“well I have some water in my glass, and that is better than no water at all. At least if I get thirsty I have enough water to get my mouth wet.” 

You should not just want to quench your thirst. You should want to have more than enough. You should want your cup to runneth over with every goal you have accomplished.  When you think about it, you only live once.  You are in this moment only one time (See my blog for more on this topic).

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Looking At Glass half Empty Can Make You Work Harder

When you look back on your life you should not want to have moments of regret where you feel like you could be farther in life or think that if you would have just done this, or that, or made that decision things would be different. Decide to go forward and not waste anymore time.

You do not want to look back on your life and wish that you would have tried harder and the only reason why you didn’t is because you were too busy comparing yourself to the worst and not the best (see my blog here for more on comparing yourself to others).  When you compare yourself to the worst, you will say:

At least I am not homeless like so and so.

At least I have a job making minimum wage as oppose to no job.

At least I make more money than my best friend.

Although you should count your blessings, you should realize that just getting by is not getting by at all. Why struggle on minimum wage when you can make a decent salary that can allow you to do what you want, when you want, and that will allow you to provide a better life for yourself. That barely getting by mentality is the same as a poverty mentality (see my blog here). Where you are satisfied with barely getting by.  Why force yourself be happy in a life that you do not like because to are to afraid to step out on faith, work hard, and find out what you are really good at. (click to read my blog here on finding purpose).

So yes, I am looking at the glass half empty. The emptiness of the glass reminds me that I still have a way to go.  That I can’t stop.  That there are still goals to go after.  And when my glass is full, I will pull up a second glass and start trying to fill up that one too. I want all that life has to offer.  And looking at an empty glass is a way that will remind me to do that.

Why Looking At A Glass Half Empty Should Make You Work Harder