If The Door Doesn’t Open Then Kick It In!

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If The Door Doesn't Open Then Kick It In!

So many people talk about doors slamming in their face.  But if the door doesn’t open then sometimes you have no choice but to kick it in. How many times have to tried and tried to do something or to succeed at something and it just does not seem to be working out.  No doors seem to be opening for you and you do not know what to do? In those situations we often want to give up or say it is not meant to be.  But the key is you have to know what you are called to do and what you are called for.  If you know for a fact that you called to do something but yet the door keeps closing in your face.  Sometimes you cannot take no for an answer, you have to keep knocking, keep trying, and bang the door down if you have to.  Let no one tell you no to something that you were meant to do.

If the door doesn’t open you have a few options.

The first is the easiest option and that is to quit.If The Door Doesn't Open Then Kick It In!

Which if you quit then that is a sure way to go nowhere. And when you quit on something that you really want to do you will always live your life in regret wondering what if.

The second is to find another door.

Just because the door that you wanted to open did not open, does not mean that you cannot find another door that will still give you what you want. If the door doesn’t open then you are free to find another door, and if that one closes you can try another and another.  And even when you run out of doors you can just get some wood and build a door yourself.  Just because someone has told you no does not mean that they are the end all and be all to all answers.  There are other options out there and other people out there that will be willing to give you a chance despite other people telling no.  Your only choice is to find that open door and to walk through it.

Forcing your way through the door.

This is my favorite option. Do not let anyone stand in your way. I have learn to love when people tell me no.  Because no matter how little you think of me and no matter how many times you close that door in my face, I am going to force that door open and get to the other side. And that may mean that I have to take what I believe is owed to me by force. Do not let anyone slam the door in your face and discount and discredit you. Show them that you are a force not to be taken lightly and that you will be taken seriously, despite what they said and despite them closing the door in your face. Do not let anyone steal the destiny that God has promised for you and break the door in if you have to.

The main point is do not let anyone close the door on your dream. Even if they do not believe in you, so what! What believe in yourself and a belief in yourself goes a long way.

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

So if you keep on going and keep on knocking the door will get so run down that it will eventually have to open for you. Everyone has gone through a setback, disappointment, or a door closing in their face.  But the difference from a success and failure is the ability get up again and keep on trying.

If The Door Doesn't Open Then Kick It In!


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  1. Love option #3. If the door won’t open, I’d climb up the wall to get to the other side (putting my rock climbing skill to good use!) or get a sledge hammer or something and build myself a window. 😉

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