The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good Man

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Do you want to know where to find a good man? Well you have come to the right place.  Before I give my tips and tricks on where to find a good man I want to first give a disclaimer.  These are just ideas so that you can come into contact with good men.  This is by no means a way for you to chase down a man (see my blog here for more on that) or put yourself on display in a provocative manner so that you can attract the most men, because going about it like that is a mistake (see my blog here for more on that).

Putting yourself in the areas in which good men are, will increase your chances of encountering good men.  But there are still some values that I believe in.  Such as allowing the man to come to you and allowing him to show interest in you, FIRST.  I have said it so many times, that if you put yourself TOO much out there a man will show interest in you but it may not be the type of connection you are looking for. They may just gravitate toward you because you are being too suggestive sexually and they just think they are going to get some.The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good Man

More than anything you want your connection with a man to organic, something that naturally evolves. You do not want to come off as a lioness hunting for her prey.  Now that we have gotten that out of the way.

Here Is The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good Man.

Where To Find a Good Man #1 Happy Hour

Happy hour is an ideal place to find a good man BUT it needs to be done right. I have been to a happy hour where good quality men are and I have been to a happy hour that was short of being a twerk club.  If you want to find good quality men to talk to, then you need to go to happy hours that are more in a business or in a working distract.

Happy hours typically occur after work which means that people tend to want to go to a happy hour near their job.  Meaning that going toward a business or working distract means that business or working men will be there.  When I think of a good man, one of the things that you should ideally want is a man that has a job and a good head on his shoulders career wise.  Therefore going to a happy hour when you are more likely to bump into a career oriented man. Also check out my blog on what to where to happy hour coming from work by clicking here.  More than anything you want to look like a professional woman too and like you came from your job.

The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good ManWhere To Find a Good Man #2 At the Gym

Once again, the placement of the gym does matter.  I work in a career driven area and there is a gym (a very nice one across the street). I can almost guess that there are good quality men in there.  The reason why I know that is because I work in a business district and I also work in an area where the cost of living is high.  So the men who are in there are more likely to either work in this area or live in this area, which gives the impression that they have some stability in their lives.

The good thing about the gym is that if you like to be fit and exercise then you are really going to bump into man who also prioritizes fitness since they are in the gym as well. So it is like you have something in common already just by meeting a man there.

Where To Find a Good Man #3 Church

Now I am going to put a disclaimer out there and I want all women to hear me well.  DO NOT just go to church so that you can find a man.  Your first reason for going to church is to be closer to God.  However, there are many churches especially big ones that have singles ministries and groups and things of that nature.  Which makes finding a good man here ideal, joining a single ministry pretty much tells you that the guy is single that way you won’t have the guess.  And with you both being in church you have something in common and that is God.  Which ideally means that you can build off of that spiritual connection.

Where To Find a Good Man #4 Networking Events

All networking events are not created equal.  If you are going to a networking event for people who are addicted to heroin then of course that is not the ideal place to meet a good man.  But a professional network event for aspiring lawyers because you are an aspiring lawyer, a networking event for mental health professionals, networking event for people who want to get involved in politics, or a networking event for young professionals is more of the type of events you are going for in which you can bump into more quality like minded men.  With these professional networking events, the men tend to be about something (mentally that is) and they are more likely to have goals and be able to hold stimulating conversation (also check out my blog on how to sound smart). These are some of the attributes you should look for in a good man.

Where To Find a Good Man #5 At Work

Finding a good man at work can mean a lot of things.  It can be in your office.  I do not think that there is anything wrong with dating someone in the office as long as you keep is professional and keep it classy.  The last thing you want to do is bring your relationship drama in the workplace.  As a disclaimer there is always the chance that if it does not work out there it can be super awkward.

Now depending on where you work can depends if you can find a quality man.  I have worked at places where men just ran through women like a freight train.  That is not what you want.  When finding people at work you want a professional man that

The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good Man

knows how to be professional and not go run around the office flirting and sleeping with a bunch of women. And since you work there, you are able to observe his patterns first hand.

Also when it comes to work, know that the person may not be in your office.  I work in a building in which several companies work here.  You may run into a good man while you are going to your office and he is going to his.  Once again working in a professional environment and area will increase your changes on running to a good man.

Where To Find a Good Man #6 Grab Some Lunch

Go and eat lunch out sometimes.  The key is to do this during lunch hour in an area that is a busy workplace area.  Most people are out getting lunch.  When I worked downtown, there were many people grabbing lunch from food trucks and sitting down on benches eating outside because they did not want to be crammed up in the office.  This is an ideal place to walk around, sit down, and possible start a conversation with a good man.

Where To Find a Good Man #7 Go To Places Where Good Men Hang Out

Now this can differ depending on the area in which you live.  There are some places where men like to hang out in art galleries and there are other places who barely have any art galleries.  Therefore you need to get familiar with your area and find out the great sides of town that productive people like to hang out in.  I can give you a few suggestions:

  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Book Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • Golfing Spots
  • Country Clubs
  • Wineries

When you think of good men, good men should be out and about trying to better themselves and their lives.  They know about things and then tend to try to absorb culture.  So when you think about where good men hang out then think along those lines.

Where To Find a Good Man #8 Vacation

Now this can be a tricky one because you do not want to go to some party city in spring break where everyone is drunk and expecting to hook up and you think that you are going to find a good man.  That is probably not going to happen.  It may also be hard because you do not live in the same place. To get a real relationship going. But it is not unheard of.

A vacation is a good place to meet good quality men. But probably not at the Motel 6 or places where they have to pay for the room by the minute due to prostitution.  Think of good quality places that people like to vacations.  Such as the Hamptons, New York City, Vegas, or Los Angeles.

These places have a variety of people that you can bump into. Stay in a decent hotel and in a decent area where you can go to nice bars or happy hours.  You know following some of the tips above.

Alright there are my top 8 tips on where to find a good man.  But also remember finding a good man is not about going on the hunt and just putting yourself out there like a piece of meat ready to be feasted on.  Finding a good man depends on you and how you come across.  So if you want to find a good man then you also need to be a good woman.  You must be what you want to attract in a mate click here to read my blog for more on that.

The Ultimate Guide On Where To Find a Good Man