Flying South For The Winter. Miami For Christmas

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I hate cold weather but luckily like the birds I had the opportunity to fly south for the winter.  Actually most Christmas’ I go south because that is where my family is but this year we had our family Christmas vacation is Miami where my aunt lives.

For me Miami turned into the ideal Christmas vacation because it is warm and always has something to do.  The whole time we were there is was at least 80 degrees or higher.  This means no heavy clothing, coats, and heavy bags to take with you though the airport.  I was able to carry a small carry on that contain all of my clothing.

As for what we did, let me give you a run down. Christmas night we went to Ocean drive.  And even though it was a holiday it was still very packed with people.  We first took a walk on the beach which was pretty well lite for it to be night time.  And we put our feet into the water.

I chose not to bring my son that night to Ocean drive because it was getting late (we got there at 7pm and left around 11:30) but there was actually a lot of people out there with their kids.  Also walking up Ocean drives means happy hour.  I got a small fish bowl drink for $29 (they had a bigger fish bowl for $44).  And even though that may sound expensive it was more like two drinks in one the bigger one is like four drinks in one. And I got one for free.  So doing the math I really count that as 4 drinks for $29 plus the host offered our whole table free shots to sit down and eat there.

When you go up and down Ocean drive here are some good tips to follow:

  • The menu is always posted outside of every restaurant. Make sure you look it over to see if you would like the food and to see if it is in your budget. The restaurants out there can get quite pricey.
  • The tip is already added to your receipt so there is no need to add an additional tip after paying for your food, unless you really want to.
  • Hold out. When you walk pass a restaurant and are reluctant to eat there, the host will offer you a deal.  The first restaurant offered us free shots and buy one get one free drinks.  The second restaurant we ate at the next day offered us buy one get one free drinks and 20% off of our entire check.
  • If you can take a cab to Ocean drive, an uber, or stay in a hotel there do so. It is really hard to find parking and the parking garages there can get quite prices.

Other things to do while in South Beach (Ocean Drive).

  • Rent a bike
  • Rent a luxuary sports car
  • Shop, eat, and/or drink
  • Go to the beach
  • Watch people and/or luxury cars drive by.

Aside from Ocean Drive there were other things that we did in Florida or wanted to do.  The first was go to the club.  Most of the clubs there are 21 and up.  So if you are under 21 you are going to have a hard time getting into some where if you want to party like that.  For our club of choice since we went to Ocean drive twice during our trip we decided against going there for the club.  We decided to go to the Blue Martini in Miami, Florida.  There was a full parking lot that was free to park and also a sport bar nearby that was packed.  As for the Blue Martini it was more like a lounge, they had some seating (the bar and some tables that was mostly reserved).  The crowd was mixed and the music was a mix between hip hop, latin, and pop.  When we first came in the lounge had a live band that was awesome.  Some of the activities inside the lounge aside from drinking and dancing are hookah which is $35.

Other activities that we wanted to do but just did not get to but still are insanely popular around Christmas time is the Santa’s Enchanted Forrest.  Although we did not get to go there we saw it driving by the highway.  It has games, rides, roller coasters, and was lit up like the 4th of July.  It is a pretty big size and outdoors, but due to the weather being so nice you will not feel like your freezing while exploring the grounds.

If you want full summary of my vacation, check out my vlog video: