How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

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How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

How to pack carry on luggage Made Easy

Knowing how to pack a carry on luggage is essential in this day and age.  I remember when the airline use to let people check one bag for free.  Gone are those days. And if you want to check a bag you have to pay.

I used to be one of those people who had to have a big check in bag. But once I got used to the carry on luggage idea it is hard to think that I use to do it any other way.  The pros of a carry on luggage is that you will save money because you won’t have to check a bag, you will always have your bag with you which means that it won’t get lost, stolen, or mishandled. Plus you can board the plane much faster since you won’t have to wait at the check in counter line to check your bags.  And when you get off the plane all you have to do is grab your bag and go as oppose to wait for the dreaded luggage carousel at the end of your flight.

Now that I have convinced you that a carry on luggage is better you need to know how to pack a carry on luggage so that you can maximize your space and fly through TSA without them wanting to look through your bag because you packed something improperly.

How to pack carry on luggage- The Luggage and Personal bag

For most standard flights you get to bring on a personal bag such as a purse or a book bag and a carry on luggage.  To make the most of the space that you have you will want to bring both a personal item and a luggage. The set below comes in additional colors as well.

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set $40.83


How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

I actually have these two pieces of luggage that I got as part of a bigger set.  They are a cheaper pair of luggage but I have used this as a carry on several times and have had no issues with it.  The smaller bag can be used as your personal item.  The key to doing a personal items is not having a clutch or a small purse but a bigger personal item and use it for additional storage.

Ideal items that you should pack in your personal item should be things that you have immediate needs for.  Your personal item will go under the seat while your carry on will go in the overhead bin.  So things like your phone, tablet, lap top, passports, money, credit cards, and ID all go in your personal item.

Since the above personal item is bigger also try to store some additional items in there that you may not want to go in your bigger carry on.  Such as make up or things you are afraid may spill on your clothes.

How to pack carry on luggage  ~ Storage

If you are in the United States then you have to travel through TSA.  Either your TSA experience can be good by using the right storage containers and using bringing the right amount of liquids in your bag. Or bad leading TSA to rummage through your bags at the check point.

That is why having the right storage is a must. The first thing you want are travel containers.  The containers are clearly marked with how many ounces they contain that way you know how much you are packing.

Travel Bottle Set Travel Size Toiletries Liquid Containers with Portable Travel Mesh Bag

How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

The above travel containers are good for travel size and are also very versatile since they have both containers to carry liquids, lotions, and spray bottles.

To store your cosmetics it is best to use a cosmetic bag.  A cosmetic bag will help prevent spills and also help keep your cosmetics organized and in one place so that they are not flying around in your bag spilling all over your clothing.  Also, depending on what you bring in your personal item, the cosmetic bag may be able to be kept in your personal item provided that you have enough room.

Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bag 

How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

How to pack carry on luggage  ~ Packing

Since a carry on luggage is relatively small the goal is to fit as much as possible without busting your luggage open. That is why having packing cube can be a huge space saver. The cube themselves help things keep organized and conserve space. The set below also comes with other essential such as a plastic bag for your shoes and a laundry bag so that your shoes and dirty clothes do not get the rest of your items dirty.

Packing Cubes Travel Set Toiletry & Laundry Bag

How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy

You can check out the picture below and it will tell you how packing cubes can save your life and save you space.

How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy



How to pack carry on luggage  – Folding Your Clothes

There are many tips that people have to help you fit all of your clothing inside a carry on.  One of the biggest tips is that one should roll their clothes over folding them.  And to make sure you utilize empty space like the space in your shoes.

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The best video that can really show someone how to pay a carry on is this video in which she pack 100 clothing items.

How To Pack Carry on Luggage Made Easy