4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

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 4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

There are spiritual benefits of celibacy.  I wrote about my decision to become celibate in a separate post (if you click here you can read it). In that post I spoke about some of the benefits of being celibate but I wanted to elaborate more on the spiritual benefits of celibacy.

4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

Spiritual benefits of celibacy #1 learning to control your flesh. 4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy

I also speak about controlling your flesh in my fasting blog, which you can click here to read.  When I talk about controlling your flesh it means that as a human your flesh has desires that it wants to feed into, no matter if the desires.  You can be physically attracted to a guy and he be a complete jerk and your flesh can say “I still want to sleep with him.”  Even when you know, you shouldn’t

Your flesh can control you and allow you to make bad decisions if you let it. So when you learn to control your flesh and not give into fleshy desires it gives you a lot of power, control, and makes you more self aware of the decisions you make.  Not just in the area of sex but other areas of your life.

Once you see and understand that it is your mind that controls your body, not the other way around, then you will not fall into temptations of the flesh, you will have more control over yourself, and you will be able to hear God more clearly.

When you allow your flesh to control you, it is hard to hear God.  It is like your flesh is saying “I want sex” and God is saying “no don’t have sex with that guy” but the flesh is so loud that it drowns out God’s voice telling you not to do it. And so you listen to your flesh as oppose to listening to God.

Spiritual benefits of celibacy #2 God will Reward You For it

Don’t expect a cookie from God just because you are not giving up your cookie.  But when you choose to follow God and not have sex outside of marriage God recognizes that this is hard and the harder you fight to follow God the more He will reward you for you.

God is not some genie, but he does recognize your willingness to please Him. So if you become celibate because you are trying to please God and you know that it is something that God wants you do to; you efforts will not go unnoticed.  God loves to reward his children for working hard at something that is not easy, just like any other parent.

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” Luke 11:13

So imagine how much you would reward your children for doing something that makes you proud and doing the right thing even when it is hard.   Then how much more will God reward you for the same thing.

Spiritual benefits of celibacy #3 Clear Your Mind.

How many times when you have sex outside of marriage is the thought continuing to haunt you and come back in your head time and time again?  And when you are thinking about sex you are not thinking about God nor are you able to hear God clearly.  The Holy Spirit is the one that speaks to you (click here to read my blog) through your consciousness.  But if your brain is so clouded with the sex you just had last night then there is no room for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has to fight its way though the rest of your thoughts of lust in order to get to you.

When you are celibate your mind is not clouded with such thoughts and the Holy Spirit is not fighting to speak to your over the sexual thoughts that you always thinking about.

 4 Important Spiritual Benefits of CelibacySpiritual benefits of celibacy #4 Help Point Out Your God Ordained Relationship

For many single woman we often wonder if celibacy is going to get in the way of us finding a meaningful relationship. The fear is that once we tell a guy that we are not having sex they are going to walk way.

At the end of the day your goal for a relationship is to also find someone that equally yoked with you.  And if when you tell a man that you are not having sex for spiritual reasons and the man dismisses you then that is not the man for you.

A good God-fearing man is not going to refuse to be with you for something that God has told you to do.  Instead, they should understand it and want to go encourage you along the way. So in this way, celibacy has a way of weeding out the bad men are not as serious or do not care what God has told you.

If God wants you to be celibate then he is going to give you a man that supports you being celibate. Not punish you for it. Don’t believe me you can check out my blog on the WAIT where Meagan Good was celibate with husband Devon Franklin.  Being celibate was something that God told them BOTH to do and that help them grow toward God together.

And the second couple Heather Lindsey, her husband did not even kiss her let alone have sex until their wedding day. And in both these cases neither of them were virgins.  That is because when each person is connected to one God and God is directing them both to do the same thing, then the idea of celibacy does not scare each of them away.  And there realize sex is not everything. Instead the absences of sex allows them to get to know one another, focus on God, brings them closer together and closer to God as a couple. Which should be your goal in a relationship anyway.

 4 Important Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy