The 3 Step Success Formula For Long Term Success

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There is a success formula. And in order to learn the success formula you must learn that success does not come easy. A lot of people want to come out on top. But sadly most people are not willing to put in the work that is takes to get to the top. (Check out my blog here on why people fail)  There are plenty of people who are out there who hate their lives, they hate their jobs, and The 3 Step Success Formula For Long Term Successthey hate the situation that they are in.  They wish upon a star and have a little prayer and hope that it will all go away and that when they wake up tomorrow they will be living in their dream life.

I have come to know that prayer does not work like that. Success does not work like that.  Success is rarely built over night and behind every successful person is a lot of hard work and failures that they may have encountered along the way.  When you look at any successful person that has put in their blood sweat and tears to get where they want to be.  It creates a sense of humility and gratefulness on their part.  When you look at those who just were catapulted to success without much effect that is when you see a lot of recklessness and entitlement on their part.

The basic components of what I am trying to say is that when you go through life there are a few things that need to happen to ensure that you are a successful person and to ensure that you stay successful.

So Here is The 3 Step Success Formula For Long Term Success

You Must Be Pruned.

What is pruning. It is essentially when the dead leaves or weeds are pulled away from a plant so that the plant may grow.  I am sure if the plant had feelings it would not be happy about someone cutting off apart of them.  But little does the plant know that by cutting away the dead stuff it is actually helping it grow.

There is a lot of dead stuff in people. There was a lot of dead stuff in me.  It was only though life experiences that I learned to rid myself of the dead stuff so that I can grow.  I used to run my mouth, say what I wanted to say, if you said something me then I would say something even worse to you.  But I have learned not to be ruled by my emotions, and to control myself in all situations (Click my blog here on controlling your emotions).

That is just one example of dead stuff. When you get to the top, people are going to talk about you, be mean to you, and act crazy toward you.  But if you have not been pruned from the dead stuff then you will start to jump crazy right back at them.  Which is not the characteristic of a successful person.  So before you get to where you want to be, you have to shed the bad stuff, because you cannot take it with you.

     You must learn to work.

Nothing worth wanting comes from free. Time, effort, and dedication, is the prices for getting what you want (Click my blog here for more).  So if you are just sitting there wishing, hoping,

thinking, and praying that a million dollars will fall in your life and you will be successful, think again.  That is why so many lottery winners of millions of dollars end up broke.  Because they have not worked for it, they do not understand the value of it, and so they waste it. So when you work hard for something, even if it takes a long time, it makes you appreciate it that much more.  And it makes you think twice before you do anything to lose it. So not only must you work hard to be successful, but put out good quality work in whatever you are trying to be successful in.

     It is not about You, It is About What You Can Bring.

I have had to do things that I did not want to do. To get my Masters I had to work at an internship for free.  Do I want to give

away free work and not get paid?  Of course not.  But I had to do it to get my Masters.  For my PhD I had to write and re-write my dissertation so many times that it would make your head spin. Even now, I have plenty of things in the works.  But in the mean time I still work a day job until that process.  And I do not come in complaining about how much life sucks.  Wherever I am and whatever it is that I have to offer, I act in my purpose wherever i am. For example,  in that unpaid internship I counseled people, I changed lives.  In the jobs that I have hated, I help people, I was still kind to co-workers, and I attempted to offer encouraging words.  Just because you are not where you want to be does not mean you have to make everyone around you miserable in the process.  How can you ever expect to be successful on a huge level, if you are not even successful in the little cubical around you.  Wherever you are, never think that the impact you have is too small.  If you want to be a motivational speaker, you can always motivate people those around you.  Do not just say “I want to speak to stadiums” and you cannot even speak to your co-workers around you or encourage someone when they have a bad day.

Success is never about you, it is about what you have in you. Click To Tweet

AND how you can use that thing in you to bring goodness to other people (Click here to read unconventional successful people). What ever it is that you do, think about how that can bring encouragement to people, not just yourself.  The quicker you understand that you being successful is not about you, but about how you can enhance other people, the more successful you will be.

The 3 Step Success Formula For Long Term Success