Hard Work Will Pay Off Only If You Do It Right

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Hard Work Pays Off Only If You Do It Right

Hard Work Will Pay Off Only If You Do It Right.  Let me start with this. For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are the words coined by Isaac Newton. We typically equate these words with the laws of physics.  But I know for a fact that these words do not just pertain to physics but they also pertain to how and when your hard work will pay off.

Waiting for hard work to pay off can be exhausting and you can loose patience.  But if you keep working at something and you are doing well, then you will get the same output.

  • Hard Work Pays Off Only If You Do It Right

    Have you ever felt like you were not getting anywhere in life?

  • Do you ever wonder when your hard work will pay off?
  • Do you every wonder why good things keep happening to other people but are not happening to you?
  • Have you ever felt like you were stuck?

I know that feeling and can be daunting. I know that it can make you feel like you want to give up.  But you always have to remember for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If have answered yes to any of the above questions you need to first ask yourself. What is my input? Your input is the amount of time, energy, and effort you are putting in to get your output.  Your out put will be defined as your reward or what you are getting back.

Even if you feel like you are putting in hard work and you are still failing there is a reason why your hard work is not paying off.

Hard Work Will Pay Off Only If You Do It RightHard Work Will Pay Off But It’s Not Because You Are you lazy.

I have met so many people who want to be an actor, rapper, or a singer. They may actually even have talent.  But the areas in which they are lacking is there work ethic.  There are thousands of people out here who want to act, rap, or sing; and only a select few make it.  I have also seen that these same people expect for some miracle to just fall in their lap and poof like that, all their dreams of being a celebrity will come true.

Well it does work like that. Most people who want achieve success are not lazy.  It took hours and hours of hard work and being told no before they finally got somewhere.  So in short, going off Isaac Newton’s law, if you put in a poor work performance, then you will get poor results.  That is the output that you will get because you are putting in the wrong input, which is in this case is laziness, do you get it? In order to be successful you have to have successful habits (click here to read my blog on successful habits).

Let say that you are not lazy and that you put in the work, but all of a sudden you start to fall by the waist side. You may have seen some areas of success but that success is not long-term. 

That is why you need to learn the art of proper goal setting so that you will not give up because you are setting your goals properly (read my blog here for more on that topic).

Have you ever seen a one hit wonder? A song that plays into our head over and over again but then once the craze is over we never hear from them again?  That is because they put in all the hard work, and once they see the harvest of their hard work, they get paid, and they stop working as hard.  As a result we see a people coming out with one hit, making money, spending it, and then ending up right back where they started.

That is because they already received the reaction from their hard work. They got the one hit.  But to continue to see success you must continue to work so that you can get the same reaction time and time again.

Hard works pays off only when you continue to work hard without stopping. Click To Tweet

It will not pay off when you work hard in the beginning and then you stop working hard once you see a small amount of success.  Obtaining success is a continual effort and the hard work is never suppose to stop if you want to see the true peak of your success. Also check out my blog on how to reach your goals.

Hard Work Pays Off Only If You Do It RightLet’s say that you are the person that is always putting in hard work, you do not give up and you still have not seen the fruits of your labor.

Then you have to ask yourself these questions:

Are you doing the work to the best of your ability?

If by chance you are half completing things, do not want to take the time to perfect your craft, or even if you are working hard and your work is sloppy; then that is what reaction you are going to get. So instead perfect your craft, do your best at everything and sooner or later you will get an equal and opposite reaction.

Working hard is also about your attitude or your personal appearance.

If you are trying to get cooperate job then show up to an interview with sweat pants and a t-shirt. Your input is not matching your output.  You want a job in which you can wear suits.  But you are not wearing a suit. You could kill the interview, but because all of you is not matching up to what you want, you have ruined your chances. Also check out my blog on reasons why you are not getting promoted. 

Reflect on your attitude.

No one will want to work with you or give you a chance if you are a hot mess and do not know how to act. For every reaction you will get an equal and opposite reaction.  If you are standoffish toward people, then people will be standoffish to you. You can check out my blog on assertive communication versus aggressive communication. There is a way to communicate with out coming off like a crazy person.

If none of these applies to you and you are doing your best, then I offer you this encouragement:

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Sometimes some things just take longer than expected. But you cannot give up just because you get tired. If you do then you will not get the proper reaction.  But know that if you do not faint, in due time your reaction will come and all of your hard work will pay off.

Hard Work Pays Off Only If You Do It Right



  1. My parents always taught us and asked are you working your hardest and to your ability. Never giving up is something we never did

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