Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken. You Can Contribute Something To The World That No One Else Can.

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It is only natural to compare yourself to others. We are living in the days of social media and photoshop.  Scrolling through people’s Instagram and Facebook feed can leave one feeling depressed.  It is leaves you with an unrealistic perception of reality.  You see your old high school friend’s accomplishments on their Facebook page and all of a sudden you become jealous.  Jealous that everything has worked out for them, jealous that they have a six figure job, jealous that they are married, or jealous that they have kids. woman-stressed-on-laptop-1024x683-300x200

And what about the people who have these fabulous lives on Instagram. They travel the world, they have their luxury cars, and houses; and for you this creates a sense of emptiness that you do not have what they have or that you are not more like them. First of all you are not like them because you are not them.  You are you and if you try hard enough, what you have to offer can be just as equally awesome.  The more that we covet other people’s lives, the more we are moving away from our own life.  What is meant for them is for them and what is meant for you is for you.  But if you are so focused on who they are and trying to turn yourself into them, then that means you are not focused on you.

Let me put it this way. We were not made to be clones of one another.  We were not all made to look like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or Beyoncé.  I do not care how advanced plastic sugary is, why would you actively want to try to look like and be someone else.  Do you think that low of yourself that you do not feel that what you have to offer is sufficient?  I think the biggest thing that you can rob the world of is the unique set of characteristics and talents that only you bring to the table.  But if you are always chasing someone else’s dream then you are missing out on your own dream.  And I believe that your dream is just as equally great as the person you are coveting.

Some people never reach that mind frame in understanding that you were meant to stand out. That there is no one like you in the world.  There might be something that you can contribute to the world that no one else can.  But because some people are too busy trying to imitate the life of someone else they miss out on a destiny was specifically crafted for them.  One that would have made then 10 times happier than the life that they kim-surgerythink they want.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Instead of trying to take the same path as someone else thinking that you are going to get the same results as them, take your own path.  I think that the most successful people in the world took it upon themselves to learn that they were good at.  They took their own gifts and talents and figured out a way to turn it into success.  And the main reason why they were successful at it, is because no one else was doing it.

That is why I encourage everyone to follow their own heart. It is okay to take advice or listen to encouragement from other people, but never allow other people to dictate your life and tell you what you should be doing for the future.  If you listen to other people in regards to what you should be doing, then you will be living out their dream and not your own.  There have been times that I have had to shut other people down because they want me to follow their definition of success because they do not understand what I want to do. But they don’t have to understand it.  The vision of what I want to do was given to me not them.  And I am comfortable enough to recognize that I rather make mistakes while doing things my way (see my blog here), then follow someone else’s vision and be unhappy.


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