How NOT To Suffer Social Media Depression Because of Your Singleness

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The down side of social media is that many people are coming down with a cold hard case of social media depression.  Are you one of those people who sit and stare at Facebook and/or Instagram all day and sink down into a depression because you see all the wonderful pictures of relationships that you don’t have?

Sadly you are not alone, but

The side effects of social media is that it gives people a fake sense of perception and reality Click To Tweet

 To put it in lamest turns most of those couple’s pictures you are looking at, are people who are completely fake the funk and making their relationship seem perfect when it isn’t.  The reason why I know their relationship is not perfect is because no relationship is perfect everyone has flaws.  But the last thing you are going to see is people posting a picture of them and their significant other fighting and cheating on one another.

People want to appear perfect on social media, but perfection in people does not exist. Click To Tweet

The whole point of themHow NOT To Suffer Social Media Depression Because of Your Singleness posting the picture is to just give other people the illusion that their relationship is perfect or that their life is perfect.  And here you are suffering from social media depression over a situation that is not real. I can literally scroll down my Facebook feed now and find 10 people bragging about their oh so perfect marriages and relationships and how wonderful their significant others are.

But the truth of the matter is that I know my Facebook friend personally.  I know that my friend kicked her husband out of the house for cheating on her with the woman down the street.  I know about the illegitimate baby that is tucked away in the corner that the husband had behind her back.  I know about the married man that is sleeping with at least 10 of his female Facebook friends. Or the women showing off the luxury vacations her and her man went to, knowing that SHE has paid for everything because HE has no job!

I do not say this to discourage you from posting your relationship on social media.  Or not even to put someone on blast…..well maybe to put people on blast.  But there is a point to all of this.  While many of you are getting all bent out of shape over other people’s seemingly perfect social media relationships.  I feel that it is best for you to know that those perfect relationships do not exist outside of social media.  Because the real life situation is a complete and utter total mess.

And even if their relationships problems are not as extreme as the ones that I mentioned I can almost bet that the couple has some type of problem.  Every relationship does.  And instead of suffering from social media depression, what you need to do is to get a grip on yourself and understand that

on social media people are only going to show you the good and not the bad. Click To Tweet

And aside from eveHow NOT To Suffer Social Media Depression Because of Your Singlenessrything else, relationships are fun when they are posted on social media but the real reason why you are suffering from social media depression is because you may feel like you want what they have.  But really all you see is their pictures.  You don’t know what they have.  Outside of their timeline their relationship can be totally fake. Do you want something real or do you want something fake?  Do you want a relationship that you can post on Instagram just to say you have someone or do you really want “the one?”  The one will be there for the long term, social media relationships will be there until you change your relationships status.

You do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of their relationships.  You really do not even know if they are in a real worthwhile relationship.  Do not let the haze of the “picture perfect relationship” fool you.  Just because you do not have perfectly planned picture of your make out session to post on social media does not mean that you are missing out on anything. When you get into a relationship you do not want to give the PERCEPTION that your relationship is great, you should just want a relationship that is great.  You should not want to spend every waking moment documenting your lives to post pictures of it.

Now if you are in a relationship and post you’re every waking moment on social media with your significant other… then do you.  But reflect on who you are doing it for.  Are you doing it because it makes you happy or are you trying to prove to the world how happy you really are? And if you are popping anti-depressants over other people’s relationships status, then get a grip. Get busy making memories of your own and posting pictures of your own if it means that much to you.  But before you continue to feed your social media depression remember this.

Social media breeds a world of perfection and Photoshop. Click To Tweet

Have you ever seen untouched photos of a celebrity when they appeared in a magazine?  If you have you can understand that the celebrity barely even looked like themselves.  You saw their cellulite, their acne, crows feet, and that their waist was not as small as you thought.  You saw that they were not perfect?  That is how social media is.  On social media they look perfect, but once the smoke and mirrors are taken away, their relationship is just like everyone else’s.

How NOT To Suffer Social Media Depression Because of Your Singleness

If none of this has helped them let me give you some real advice.  You may be having social media depression over someone else’s relationship.  But why don’t you let them get social media depression over your singleness.  Live your life to the fullest and take some great shots over how great it is to be single, and then you may realized that there is nothing to be depressed about because being single is really not that bad. (Click to read my blog here on single and happy) And (How to take the perfect selfie), so that you can master the art of taking and posting pictures as a single.

How NOT To Suffer Social Media Depression Because of Your Singleness




  1. I thought I was only one who still said “fake the funk”lol. This is a great piece because I sometimes get jealous over image of my son’s father and his family but its just an image and I know way more into the story that is nowhere near perfect. Learning to see things without filter.

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