Before You Get What You Deserve, You Must Change What You Accept

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In Relationships You Get What You Deserve, By Changing What You Accept

In Relationships You Get What You Deserve, By Changing What You AcceptIn relationships you get what you deserve, by changing what you accept.  Before you even determine what kind of love life you deserve, you need to first know what is the love life you want.

Once you determine what love life you want you then have to determine if are you playing an active role in getting that love life.  If you are confused let me break it down for you.

I have seen some really foul women get some really dysfunctional men.  They bring their dysfunction to the relationship and the relationship becomes dysfunctional. Also check out my blog on how other’s problems can become your problems. 

Because of them. They play a part in the drama that they create in their relationship because they are the drama. Therefore, even though they are with really good men they become apart of the problem and therefore have bad relationships (also check out my blog on are you playing apart in being in a bad relationship).  And if they are a bad man then it is a really bad relationship because you have two crazy people contributing to an even crazier situation.

In Relationships You Get What You Deserve, By Changing What You Accept

On the flip side, I have seen women who are continuously doing the same dumb thing time and time again falling for the same time of man that is not a good man at all. I also wrote about this in my other blog on how you contribute to your own hardship, click here to read it.

But they keep trying beating their head against the wall staying in a bad relationship.  Then they wonder why their relationship is bad.  Well just like the above scenario, they are playing apart in the bad relationship by choosing to be with bad men AND staying in a bad relationship.

Women play a huge part in creating a dysfunctional relationship pattern. As a woman you need to know you worth (read my blog on the virtuous woman). You have to believe that you are worth more than some bad relationship and you Before You Get What You Deserve, You Must Change What You Accepthave to be willing to walk away from bad relationships.

Also self awareness plays apart of the type of relationships you find yourself in.  Sometimes women want to blame the other person as to why their relationship is a mess, when really they are the reason why their relationship is a mess.  They play apart in the disaster of a relationship they cause and then want to cry the victim of the bad relationship. When really they are the reason for the bad relationship.

In life we all have choices.  There are times when things just happen to us.  But there are also times where you are accepting things or doing things we should not be accepting or doing; which will lead us to bad relationships.  That is because you refuse to renew your mind and know that you deserve better and refuse to accept whatever nonsense someone is handing out. Or you are the nonsense and you refuse to change yourself so that you can be in a healthy relationship.

To get the type of relationship you think you deserve, it may mean that you have to say no to a few guys or you may have to wait and be single for a while until the right one comes along.  Knowing the things that I am okay with also means knowing the things I will not compromise on.  That picture in my head that I have of a man worshiping the ground that I want on, that is still going to happen.  Because that is what I want and I am not willing to settle for anyone that thinks I am disposable. I recommend everyone sit and think about the love life that they want.  If the love life that you are in does not match the love life you want.  You have the power to walk away.  I think that every woman can have the love life they want if they change what they are willing to accept.

In Relationships You Get What You Deserve, By Changing What You Accept


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  1. Yes to it all! I am finding my singleness as a time to reaally reflect on past relationships. and get to know my worth. Great post.

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