A Woman Can Have Love Life She Wants By Changing What She Accepts

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If every woman had  the exact love life they wanted. What would your love life be? I imagine what I want my love life to be.  The love life that I want involves me sitting in mansion somewhere, with a man that worships the ground I walk on, and is willing to give me anything in life.  Even though I do not have the exact love life I want I will say that some women do attract certain types of men to and that can go good or bad.

I have seen some really foul women that get some really good men and then they give them the run around ruining a good man forever. I have seen women who are continuously doing the same dumb thing time and time again and wonder why they keep getting the same type of man.  Granted the first time you may be being a fool, but after a while of doing the same thing over and over again and your love life stills sucks then you do have the exact love life you want. Because that is the one you created.

I feel a woman plays a bigger part in creating a dysfunctional relationship pattern for herself.  Take me for example, I used to be completely dysfunctional and therefore my relationships were dysfunctional. But now I have found the error of my ways, I have worked on myself and I no longer have that dysfunctional relationship pattern. In fact I am not in a relationship at all. But there is a reason for that and it is actually a good thing.  Instead of any relationship I am choosing to accept a good relationship.  And that means me giving less time to men.  The men of this day and age are not men ( I am not talking about all men, just talking in general).  As times shift men do not take pride in taking care of their women, children, or themselves.  Many find it acceptable to use and leech off of women, most of them even take pride in it.   So even though I am emotionally ready for a relationship many men my age are not. So in order to get the love life I deserve, I refuse to settle for what think I deserve.

Although I do not have the love life I want now, I know when I get a love life I will have the love life I want because I know what I want and am only willing to accept a certain type of man. So yes I do believe that everyone woman can have had the love life that she wants.  But it is not some 1,2,3 magic trick.  The woman cannot just think about the love life that she wants and it magically appears.  It does not work like that.  Some women have to learn their own worth.  Because like me, when I did not know my worth I was willing to accept anything.  The world teaches women that any man is better than no man at all, so when women are done wrong by men they think that is what they deserve because at least they are not lonely. Which is false thinking. If you feel you deserve less, then that is what you will settle for.

To get the type of relationship you think you deserve, it may mean that you have to say no to a few guys or you may mean you have to wait and be single for a while until the right one comes along.  Knowing the things that I am okay with also means knowing the things I will not compromise on.  That picture in my head that I have of a man worshiping the ground that I want on, that is still going to happen.  Because that is what I want and I am not willing to settle for anyone that thinks I am disposable. I recommend everyone sit and think about the love life that they want.  If the love life that you are in does not match the love life you want.  You have the power to walk away.  I think that every woman can have the love life they want if they change what they are willing to accept.



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  1. Yes to it all! I am finding my singleness as a time to reaally reflect on past relationships. and get to know my worth. Great post.

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