Are You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?

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Are You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?

Competing with another woman for a man is something that is a trend among women (see my blog here on that topic). Often times women some how convince themselves that what they are doing is not crazy and they do not see or understand the full extent of their craziness because their focus is the man and competing with another woman for a manAre You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?.

The crazy thing is that the winner is the whole situation is the man.  He is having his cake and eating it to. He is having two women fighting over him and he is having his pick of the women is compete for his nonsense.

Unfortunately this is a common situation that many women find themselves in.  If there is anything I want you to learn, is that you should not be competing with anyone for any man.   If the man does not want you then why should you want him?  It is a simple question that requires a simple solution.  A solution that most women are not willing to make.

Recently, I bumped into an ex and his girlfriend. She flaunted their relationship on how in love they were.  On the inside I was thinking about what an idiot she was.  He was still contacting me and I knew he was juggling all of three maybe four OTHER women.

I cannot tell you how many of my girlfriends have gone round and round the mulberry bush with the same man battling other women for YEARS! The ending is always the same.  Either all the women will catch hip to his crap and you will be the last one standing or he will just choose the other woman over you and you will loose the competition all together.

And so I ask you this. Do you really want to win a man by default? Do you really want to get married to a man that has exhausted all his options and now you are the only one left?  Do you really want to have to fight off and argue with other women to show your man how much of a ride or die woman you are?   If this is what you strive for then girlfriend you NEED therapy.  You really do. There are some deep rooted issue ingrained in your brain that you think you do not deserve to be loved on Are You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?your own merit, but that you need to compete with another woman over a man that is playing you both, in order to feel loved.

So often times women want to blame men for what they do, but women need to start blaming themselves for the choices they make.  For choosing a no good man. For competing with another woman for a man. For staying in a jacked up situation with a man they know is treating them like a step child. Because on any given day when a man is not acting right, you have the free will to walk away. Anytime a man is not showing you that you are his number one and is treating you like woman 2, 3,4,5,6,  or 7; then you can walk away.

I do not want to hear it is too hard to walk away because you are in love, because even if you are, he is not in love with you.  Love does not do that to people.  Real love is about two people being dedicated to one another and willing to work on the relationship so they can make it better for both of them. Not him working on a relationship and then when he gets around to it working on a relationship with you.

If the relationship or situation that you are in, is like this. Then this signifies a problem.  Stop playing the game now! Do not pass go or collect $200! Just stop playing!Really find out what is wrong with you as to why you feel you do not deserve to have your own man.

A women should not to competing with another woman for a man.  Do not allow your loneliness lead you down a path of desperation and toxic relationships. And most importantly do not let your competitive nature and not wanting to loose to another women cause you to waste valuable time on a man that is not worth your time.  Bow out gracefully.

Are You Competing with Another Woman For a Man?