Don’t Get Into Competition With Another Woman Over A Man. Learn To Bow Out Gracefully and Get On With Your Life

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Often times when we are in the midst of something crazy, you do not see or understand the full extent of the craziness until y11396147 - angry young african woman clenching her fistou are on the outside looking in.  I can recall so many years ago, when I used to be the type of woman that felt I needed to be in competition with other women over a man. Great thing for me is I smartened up and realized how crazy this was.  Two women fighting over a man and the man having his pick of the women is compete nonsense.

Unfortunately this is a common situation that many women find themselves in.  But for me with age and common sense,  I learned that I should not be competing with anyone for any man.  I learned quickly that if the man does not want me then why should I want them?  It is a simple question that requires a simple solution, that took me some times to learn.  Now when I look around me I see and pity so many women running around fighting each other for a man, all for the man’s entertainment.

Recently, I bumped into an ex and his girlfriend.  For some reason they both flaunted their relationship like I was supposed to be jealous.  On the inside I was thinking about what an idiot she was.  I knew for a fact that he was or had been juggling all of three maybe four women. But here she was, with him, acting like their “love” was something to be envied.  In my mind I am thinking, she only won by default since the other  women probably got tired of the run around.  She literally was probably the last woman standing and this was sufficient for her. How sad.

What is even sadder is that s48295879 - two women fighting on the stairshe has been in this run around with him for over 10 years! And now they have the nerve to say that they are getting married.  And not that he proposed to her or anything, she proposed to him! Say what! I get equal rights with women and everything, but somethings should not be so.  And forcing a man to marry you after he has been with woman 1 through 10 during your so called relationship, is not my idea of love.  But for so many women, they settle for this.
I hope that when you see this whole story in black and white you truly realize how ridiculous this is, and for those of you who are in the same type of situation, you learn to get out of it and get out now.  I think that these are the things that we go through when we are young learning about relationships.  Lord knows, that I did.  But as I got older I got wiser.  So often times women want to blame men for what they do, but how about women blame themselves for what they accept. Because on any given day when a man is not acting right, you have the free will to walk away.  And do not say that you are in love, because even if you are, he is not in love with you.  Love does not do that to people.  Real love is about two people being dedicated to one another and willing to work on the relationship so they can make it better for both of them.

If the relationship or situation that you are in, is not like this. Then this signifies a problem.  Stop playing the game now! Do not pass go or collect $200! Just stop playing and really find out what is wrong with you as to why you feel you do not deserve to have your own man.  A man who loves you and does not want you to compete with another woman to be with him.

A women should not have to fight over a man, compete over a man, or try to convince a man how worthy she is of his love.  Relationships should not work like that.   Someone should love you  and be willing to work on your relationship with just you two to help heal the wounds of the past.  Not make more wounds for you to heal from.  Do not allow your loneliness to lead you down a path of desperation and toxic relationships, it is just not worth it. And most importantly do not let your competitive nature and not wanting to loose to another women cause you to waste valuable time on a man that is not worth your time.  Bow out gracefully.


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