To Women Fighting Over A Man, Please Gain Some Perspective!

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Women fighting over a man is a sorry site to see. Often times when women are fighting over a man they are desperate women involved with a cheating man and this combination always leads to a bad situation.  It has somehow become acceptable for women to be fighting over a man, but they are not fighting the man.  They are fighting each other.  Which is crazy.  Your only job as a single woman is to make him chase you (see my blog her), not for you to chase him, find him with another woman, and then beat the other woman down for taking your man.  And if you are doing this, then you know you are wrong.

It is better to be single and happy (read my blog here) than it is to be a single and lonely woman hashing it our over a no good man.  The best relationship advice I can give you is that if you are in that situation. Listen up and pay attention. Because even God has an issue with your foolishness.

And so the Bible verse reads:

“In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, ‘We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!’” Isaiah 4:1fighting over a man

I can recall reading this Bible verse over the years, thinking that this type of behavior will never happen. What type of woman is willing to share her man all for the sake of not being disgraced? I think to have a better understanding of this verse, it must be dissected.

How many men do not want to take a woman out on a date?

How many women have taken the place of men by giving men money and providing for him financially?

The man does not have to do anything significant except for have sex with them from time to time, and women somehow feel this is sufficient.

Woman feel this way because they do not want to be alone, they do not want to be single, and they do not want to be without a man.  Is this not what the Bible verse is speaking about.  Women doing everything and the man doing nothing, just so long as the women has the right to say that she is in a “relationship.”

It is crazy how we accept things in this world as being normal.  We watch reality shows, television shows, and even people we know.  We see women fighting each other over a man.  Each of them know about one another and trying to give the man more and more just so that he can choose her to be his girlfriend.  And the man is not really doing anything much to prove his worth as a man.

Why are women fighting over a man that is doing them both wrong? How is this a man worth fighting for?

Has women’s self esteem become so low or the stigma of being single became that bad that women are willing to make fools out of themselves all for the sake of saying they belong to a man?

Do not allow anyone to tell you that what I am saying is outdated.  I work and I am educated.  I am not saying that women should sit on their behinds all day and expect a handout from a man.  But the only male that I take care of is my son.  I will not allow for a grown man to come into my home, sit on my couch, and watch television all day.  Him not contributing to the bills, providing food for us, or showing my son what a good man is.

This simply makes no sense.

Children going without food, clothes, a mother, because she is out and about trying to keep, chase, and fight over a man.  Because she is spending money on buying a man a pair of Jordan’s as oppose to putting food on the table for her kids (read my blog here on mistakes single mothers make when dating).

Since when has this way of life become so familiar and acceptable to us?

Many men (not all), seem to think that just because they say I love you one and a while and they are not in jail, that makes them a good man.  That makes them a man worth fighting for.

But how?To Women Fighting Over A Man, Please Gain Some Perspective!

  • How can any man be good if they cannot take care of their children and expect another woman to do it?
  • If they cannot put food on the table?
  • If they cannot even stick to one woman and bounce around between women?
  • How are these characteristics of a good man?

I would love for someone to explain this to me!

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”  1 Corinthians 13:11

Oh single women, please do not fall into the “I am single and lonely trap.” Please do not allow a no good man and another man’s woman step all over you.

Do not try to hang on to a man that is not worth hanging on to.  You can do bad all by yourself, you don’t need him. (Click here to tweet).  

Or better yet, you can be single and happy (read my blog here), and let another woman have him and put up with his mess. It is better to be alone than to deal with this nonsense.

I am convinced that all women must see what is going on in the world around us and be aware of the same things that God is trying to warn is about.  Fighting over a man and letting him escape all responsibilities of being a man is not the way that God intended it to be between man and woman.  It is now up to the women to just say “no” to foolishness and not allow themselves to be taken advantage of anymore.