6 Warning Signs He’s Playing You

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Signs He's Playing You

Signs he’s playing you. No woman wants to put herself in a position where she is being played. So what are the signs he’s playing you.  I mean it can vary from man to man, but I am going to give you the most common ones.

Here 6 Signs That He’s Playing You

Signs He's Playing YouSigns He’s Playing You ~ You are always the problem

Here are some sure signs that he is playing you. He does not keep his word. He stands you up and he is mean to you and instead of taking personality responsibility for his wrong doing HE has done he blames you for it. The psychology behind this is that he wants to make you feel bad so that way you are not focusing on how bad he actually is.  So if he put the wrong back on you, even if he is the one that is wrong. That is a key sign that he is playing you.

Signs He’s Playing You ~ He Plays Mind Game

When a man is playing you, he will try to get control over you.  And a way to do that is to play mind games with you. He may criticize your appearance, tell you you’re gaining weight when you are not, and mess with your self-esteem.  He will do anything that he can to mess with your mind so that you will second-guess yourself as a person. When woman have high self-esteem they are less likely to put up will foolishness.  But if he tries to lower your self esteem then he knows you become easier to be play.

Signs He’s Playing You ~  He Takes But Never Gives

If a man is always taking and never giving, he is playing you. Taking can come in many forms. He can always want money but never loans money to you. He wants you to pay his bill, his rent, his car note and everything else under the sun but if you ask him for 50 cent to buy some bubble gum he claims he never has it.  A man who wants and does not give is just using you another one of the signs he’s playing you.

Signs He’s Playing You ~ He Flirts With Other Woman in Front of youSigns He's Playing You

If you are out on a date and he just pretends like you are not there and carries on with another woman like he is trying to get her number or something then yes dear you are getting played.  Not only is this disrespectful but it is a clear sign that he does not care about you.

Signs He’s Playing You ~ You Come Last On His List

A man that is playing you is probably playing other women. And because of this you are never his priority.  Other woman are his priority, his friends are his priority, going to happy hour is his priority, in other words he would rather do anything else but be with you or make time for you.

 Signs He’s Playing You ~ He Lies

You are a woman and you have initiation, even if you do not catch him in a lie there are times that you can tell he is lying.  And if he is always lying to you, he is playing you.

 Signs He’s Playing You ~ You Are Only Sex

A real relationship (see my blog here) is about more than sex.  If every interaction that you have with him is about you two having sex then he is playing you.  There is not real meaningful relationship about meeting up just to have sex with one another.

Here were the 6 signs that he’s playing you. But like I said before as a female you have intuition.  If you feel that he is playing you then there is a large possibility that he is playing you.  So listen to this advice but more importantly listen to what your own heart is telling you.

6 Warning Signs He's Playing You