3 Everyday Ways To Date Yourself. Anytime of the Day

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3 Everyday Ways To Date Yourself. Anytime of the Day

3 Ways To Date Yourself Anytime of the Day

Today is Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 20. To see the whole month click here.

Today’s Challenge is:

Day 20: “Me” Night

Date yourself. Take yourself out for the night, or even stay in for the night. Go out to dinner and see a movie or stay in, order pizza, wear your most comfortable pajamas and watch your favorite movie. It’s your night. Do what you want to do.

When it comes to having me time I am famous for this.  It may sound rather anti-social of me but I there are many times that I would rather spend time alone then with other people.  I was not always like this though.  I can recall in the past, I would leave my house around 11 a.m dressed for any occasion.  I would not come back to my house until 3 a.m the next day.  I would literally leave my house go from place to place and hang out.  Sometimes I would end up at the club, sometimes at a party; I would just keep going because I did not want to be alone.3 Everyday Ways To Date Yourself. Anytime of the Day

As I got older and more mature I have learned that the reason I did not want to spend time alone is because I did not want to be alone with my own thoughts.  When I was with other people, my mind was always occupied. When you date yourself, there is no where to hide.  The only person you can talk to is yourself.  If you do not like spending time with yourself, then no one else is going to want to spend time with you.

So let me walk you through a typical date yourself day.  This will help show you that no matter when you have free time you can chose to date yourself anytime of the day.  And the best thing is that you do not even have to coordinate your schedule with other people.


When I get up in the morning there are a few options that I enjoy doing alone.  Making healthy breakfast or smoothie.  I am far away from eating healthy but I like to pretend I eat healthy and I often do so with breakfast. You can even set the table as you eat breakfast.

As you eat breakfast you can watch your favorite show or read a book.  If you really want to go all out on a date with yourself, chose to go to a breakfast place or an coffee shop.  You can chose to bring a book, tablet, or laptop if you want to keep occupied.

3 Everyday Ways To Date Yourself. Anytime of the Day


If I am really treating myself and want to spend time alone then I will actually go to a restaurant and get a table for one, sit alone, and enjoy my lunch.  More often than not I enjoy a cocktail was well. You can also chose to sit at the bar if you would like.  If you chose to sit at the bar and eat then you will more than likely strike up a conversation with new people.

Another good option is a movie. The movies are one of the easiest things that you can do alone.  You are sitting in the dark watching a screen, so for me, I do not feel as awkward being alone in the movies because I am too busy watching the movie to care what anyone is doing.  You can even catch two movies in one afternoon if you have time. I also choose to go to the movie in the afternoon because typically it is less crowded, you can get a better seat, and the tickets are cheaper.


For  the evening you can choose to eat dinner in the house as oppose to going out to eat again.  I first like to relax with a hot shower or bath and I will beautify myself up a bit (click here to see how to do an at home spa night).  That means putting on a face mask, painting my nails, giving myself a pedicure.  Typically when I am taking a bath I take time to talk to myself and God.  I do not know why but the bath seems like a perfect time to do that.

Afterward I will hold a movie night in my house with some snacks or I may order out.  Maybe even some popcorn with a glass of wine. If you enjoy cooking you can go all out and make a nice gourmet meal.  You are dating yourself, so you mine as well treat yourself to five star food.  I also typically like to watch movies that no one would want to watch with me, or movies that make you think and you have to pay attention to.  Doing it alone is the prime time to do it because  no one will bother you or distract you from the movie.

The best thing that happens when you date yourself is that you start to recognize how awesome you are.  And if you are willing to go all out for yourself, when you go on a real date, then a man should be willing to go all out for you too.

3 Everyday Ways To Date Yourself. Anytime of the Day

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  1. I am not single, but this is really good for ANYONE! I need my alone time, it is essential for me to not kill my husband! Lol, thanks for the tips!

  2. Good for you! I have such a challenge trying to do anything alone. I’m a total shut in most the time. If not for my work, I may never leave the house

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