A Single Woman’s Letter To God

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A Single Woman's Letter To God

In today’s challenge I will write a letter to God from a single woman’s perspective.

This is Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 7.  If you want to see all of the days of the challenge click here.

Today’s Challenge is:

Day 7: Write it down.

Write a letter to the Lord about being single. Tell Him about the hurts you feel as well as what you like about being single. Ask Him to heal your hurts and help you find contentment in this current season, and thank Him for the lessons you are learning through being single.


Writing can be therapeutic and for me. I personally like writing a letter to God over anything else because I feel it is an easy way for him to respond to my prayers.  And as an added bonus, you can keep the letter and refer back to it at a later time.  As consistent with the single’s woman challenge today’s blog is my letter to God as a single woman.

Without further delay here is my letter to God:

Dear God,

I am in my 30’s and single.  I never thought I would be single and never married at 32. I always thought that marriage was right around the corner.  I am attractive, educated, and have a good personality.  So I felt like I could find a husband in no time.  But that did not happen.A Single Woman's Letter To God

You (God) taught me that a woman trying to find a husband is never a good idea.  There was a time when I was single that I would sit and be sad, literally all day long over the fact that I am not married yet.  And remain in relationships that I had no business being in, I would get mad when the relationship didn’t work out, knowing that I had no business being in those relationships anyway.

As I get older and with your (God) wisdom I have learned better.  I have learned that life is not all about being married.  Although marriage is a joy, I am sure that you (God) did not put me on this Earth for the sole purpose of finding a husband.  I have learned that I have other talents and gifts that I can utilize in order to help serve you (God) better.

As a 32 year old single woman with no prospects in sight, I can admit that I still have fears.  I have fears that I will never be married, I have fears that I will be 50 when I get married (which I don’t want), I have a fear that I will not have any more children, and I am afraid that if I never get married then I will have to grow old and die as a single woman.

But with all of my fears, I learned that I cannot make anything happen any sooner than it is supposed to.  I cannot make something happen if it is not meant to happen, and the past times when I did try to make it happen I only made things worse.  Although, this may sound morbid; I have learned that not all single women get the traditional “happy ending”   of marriage.  Not only have I accepted that but I have also learned that it does not mean that my life is doomed for all eternity.  It just means that marriage may not be in the cards for me and I have learned to be okay with that.  If there is anything that past relationships have taught me is that

It is better to be alone than it is to settle with a man that brings more harm than good. Click To Tweet

What I am grateful for is my son.  Although I am a single mother I am grateful, I have the chance to be a mother, have a mini-family of my own, and in the future grandchildren even if I never get married.  If there is anything lesson that you (God) has taught me, it is that you can only take one day at a time.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  And so I have to live today for today.  I cannot put my life on hold or sulk in depression until I met a husband.  I want to live my life and pursue my dreams with a passion now, and I pray to the Lord that you give me the strength, guidance, and wisdom to do that.

Your Child,


Maybe it is not the letter to God that one expects to read from a single 32 year old woman.  But I have sulked, cried, been upset and prayed for a husband AND nothing happened.  I am not saying that prayer does not work, but I am saying that it was not my time.  I learned that being upset of what I do not have will out weight the wonderful things I do have.  And it will keep me standing still in one place instead of moving forward in the other areas of my life.

If you are a single Christian woman do not be afraid to write a letter to God.  Your letter may not be as tolerant as mine. You may want to yell and scream and God in anger and frustration.  But it is okay, vent to God because that is what He wants (see my blog here). God makes us all different and He knows how we feel and what type of people we are.  I can say that I have written several letters in the past to God about my singleness, some of them angry, some sad, and some accusatory toward God.  But I have grown and decided that I will learn to trust God in all things and no that if you are single and frustrated he does have a plan for you.

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  1. Beautifully written. I really like your blog posts , you have a unique voice and I just wanted to encourage you:)

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