At Home Spa Day. The Benefits of Pampering Yourself At Home

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If you are a single mother like me or even on a low budget then sometimes you cannot go out and pamper yourself the way you want to. But it is all good because for me soaking in a nice bath and pampering myself in only a short walk away. And I can do it when my son is sleep and therefore no babysitter is needed.
Taking time out to chill out and relax is essential after a long day. It does not matter what products you use or how much money you have. Sitting back and relaxing in a tub just puts in you in a better mood.

Soaking in hot water is more powerful than you might think.

Here are some benefits to taking a bath:

  1. Improving our blood circulation

Dipping the body in hot water increases the capacity of our heart.

  1. Helping us fall asleep

Hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles helps us relax physically and mentally.  It temporarily raises your body temperature, after which it gradually lowers in the cooler air, helping your body to feel sleepy.

  1. Lowering our blood pressure

A recent study has shown that soaking in a hot bath can lower your blood pressure.

  1. Losing weight

People that soak in a hot bath for about 20-30 minutes can help you lose almost 2.5 pounds a month.

  1. Adding Oils To Your Bath 

Taking a warm bath with a couple of tablespoons of olive or coconut oil can help relive the itchy and flaky skin caused by psoriasis.

To soothe dry winter skin put whole oats in a clean, dry sock. Seal the open end with a rubber band, and then drop the sock into a warm or hot bath. Soak yourself for 15 to 20 minutes to relive dry skin.

Sage sharpens memory and bergamot relieves stress

Follow me on my at home spa day. No wasting money or gas need and all the benefits gained. Just me and the bathtub.