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Waiting For a Man Versus Chasing a Man

When you are waiting for a man versus chasing a man there is a distinct difference.  Some women think they are waiting for a man when in fact they are chasing men, and then they cry themselves to sleep every night when it does not work out.  I will be open and honest and say that I spend many years chasing a man and I am now spending many years waiting for a man.  Even though they have both taking a long time, I can say that waiting for a man in much more peaceful then chasing one down.

Chasing a man: This woman tries to make a husband out of any man she sees everywhere she goes. It does not matter that she does not know him and is not sure if she will even like him.   She is going to make the man notice her one way or the next, even if it is apparent that he is not interested in her.

Waiting for a man:  What the waiting woman knows, is there is no point of creating a fictitious wedding in your head if you have not even said hello.  If it ever gets to the point that the man speaks. The waiting women analyzes him and the situation to determine if the man is worth her time, not the other way around.

Chasing a man: She gives him much more time than he deserves, laughs at all of his jokes, and transforms herself to make herself into what he wants her to be. If he wants her to weigh 10 pounds, she develops an eating disorder to get to that weight.  If he doesn’t eat meat she does not eat meat.  If he wants to convert to the religion of worshiping the devil so does she.

Waiting for a man: She sees the man for who he really is.  If he is corny, crazy, or on some severe mind altering drugs the waiting woman is going too noticed.  Because the waiting women is not pressed she does not try to conform herself to a man, but instead recognizes if the man she is dating is willing to accept her as is.

Chasing a man: The chasing woman goes to the single bible Study, the Jewish singles club, the interracial dating meet up, as well as 3 other speed dating events for the week.  Everywhere she goes she needs to make an effort to at least speak to one man at each place because she wants to maximize her efforts of meeting the one.

Waiting for a man: The waiting women lives her life and does what she wants to do. She is too busy traveling, getting education, living her life out to the fullest.  If she meets a man on the way then great, if not, oh well.  She does not do activities to find a man, she does them to make herself happy.

Chasing a man: Thinks that once she finds a man that her life with get better.  If she has children she does not do anything with them because she wants them to have a “male” role model at home before she takes them somewhere.  She does not educate herself or move up in her career because she is waiting for her rich prince charming to come and rescue her from the everyday stresses of life.

Waiting for a man: She has gotten at 3 degrees, bought a house, and is moving up the career chain.  She understands that a man is not going to rescue her but only add to the awesome life that she already has.  She understand that the more that she moves up the more likely it is that she will find a man that is on the same level that she is.

Chasing a man: The chasing the man women meets Billy the loser.  Deep down she knows that he is a loser but yet she stays in this “relationship” (which is code work for sex partner) with him.  Every day she prays to God that Billy will leave his wife and make an honest woman of her.  She prays that God will open his eyes and make Billy the loser the one.

Waiting for a man: Billy the loser is not even a factor.  Once she found out that he was married and had no job, the waiting woman left Billy alone.  Billy did not even get past the first date with this women.

Chasing a man: When going on the first date.  This woman goes to his house and all the conversation is focused on sex.  She finally gives him a blow job and has sex with him so that he can see what a wonderful and talented woman she is.

Waiting for a man:  She demands that the man take her on an actual date.  One in which wait staff comes to take your order and bring your food to you.  Not the buffet and not a drive though, but an actual restaurant.  The conversation is not focused on sex, but rather the waiting women listens to the man and what he is saying.  She determines if they have anything in common and she listens for any red flags which will allow her to determine if there will be a second date or not.

The waiting woman is not a lonely woman.  But rather she is a smart woman.  She is not a woman that is pressed to be noticed by a man.  She is willing to take all of her “wanting to get married” emotions out of a situation to determine if the man that is trying to talk to her is a good fit for HER not the other way around.  The waiting woman, when not dating is constantly improving herself and becoming that woman that all men want to be with.  That way she does not have to settle for anyone but have a choice of men that are good for her just like she is good for him.

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I am a single mother of one, Christian, and Lover of Life. I have a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy, I am a National Certified Counselor, and I am currently a PhD candidate in Human Behavior. I love motivating others and encouraging all women to be beautiful from the inside and out. To get in contact with me, you can email me at

1 Comment on Waiting For a Man Versus Chasing a Man

  1. So many women do not understand this! And it is very hard to do. I even had friends that don’t understand why I don’t date. I don’t chase, but I will patiently wait. Continue to work on myself, raise my kids, and enjoy my life instead of focusing my life on who I will marry!


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