The Best Way To Succeed In Life Is To Find Your Purpose and Work at It.

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The best way to succeed, is to find your purpose and work at it. I often hear people call me an overachiever.  I find it funny because I never thought of it that way.  I just thought of it as life.  I thought of it as me having a calling and being passionate about something and pursuing it.  Isn’t this what we are supposed to be doing?

If you were asking me I would say this is the meaning of life.  When we were created and put on this Earth, there were certain gifts, desires, passions, and callings put in you.  When those gifts, desires, passions, and callings are screaming at you so loud that you have no choice but to pursue them, I don’t call that over achieving, I call that living. So many people ask this questions.  The Best Way To Succeed In Life Is To Find Your Purpose and Work at It.

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What is the secret to success?
  • How do I achieve success?

The answer to all of these questions is that there is no secret, your purpose is dead smack in your face, calling out to every day waiting for you to pay attention to it.  The reason why most people don’t is because they are too distracted. People wonder around aimless, partying all the time, and asking other people what they should do when they should be asking themselves.  Most people want to be successful but they never put in the work they need to put in succeed.  And that is the number one reason that people are failing at life. You can click here to read my blog on habits of successful people.

The fact of the matter is that most people will come to the realization that they have a calling in life.  The down side is they come to that conclusion many times too late in life.  When they have too many responsibilities and too little time to try to pursue the things that were called for. Or people become lazy and people feel like things should be handed to them (read my blog on a hand up versus a hand out).  For some people if  reaching goals and finding their purpose, requires too much work they just give up, which is why most people fail. Sadly,  the end result is a meaningless life in which you have not done or accomplished anything much.

I often get the question of, if I think I am taking on too much.  My answer, is no.  I know where I want to be in life and I know what I want.  I am willing to put in the work to achieve these things and I am willing to push myself to the limit to achieve these things no matter what. Because I know that if I work hard I will get good results (read my blog here).

A lot of people have an issue with what I am saying.  A lot of people have an issue with pushing themselves to the limit.  But

If you don’t push yourself, you will never know how high you can fly.  You will settle for flying at the height of a sparrow, when you were meant to soar as high as an eagle.  (click to Tweet).

How can you learn to fly if you don’t strengthen your wings and build up your stamina.  The only way that this can happen is to push yourself…..and The Best Way To Succeed In Life Is To Find Your Purpose and Work at It.hard!  Each time you push, you will find that you get stronger and stronger and as you get stronger you go higher and higher.

So instead flying under the radar being satisfied with just being average or mediocre and failing at life, set goals and achieve your goals. I dare you to break every expectation that people have of you and be an overachiever.  I dare you to be the exception and not the rule.

The secret to success is setting goals and achieving goals (click my blog to learn how to goal set).  When you have mastered goal getting, you will learn how to succeed. Everyday when you wake up make list of things that you need to do that day in order for you to feel successful.  And then GET HER DONE!!!  I make a practice of doing this every day.  And when I finish all that is on my list it is the best thing in the world.  This way you know you are making progress everyday toward your goal.  If you make a practice of this, before you know it you will reach your goal in no time.  And do not make your goals small and insignificant.  Make them hard to reach, so that when reach them you feel like you have actually accomplished something.

And there you have it folks.  The meaning of life.  The meaning of life is finding your purpose and following it. So visualize, figure out what your dream is, and accomplish it.  Reach the highest and baddest dream that you can fathom and go for it.  Maybe you will get there and maybe you won’t, but at least you tried.  At least you attempted to be and do something better.  Which is what you should be doing anyway, right?


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