6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

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6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

You can get your sexy back as a single mom.  Nowhere is the parenting handbook does it say that you have to be the single mom that looks a hot behind mess just because you had kids.  I am a single mom and I am not going to lie.  After I had my son, the last thing I wanted to do or had time to do was to be cute and sexy.

But once I got my sexy back I do not regret it.  I wrote about caring about your appearance in a previous blog which you can click here to read. At the end of the day, not everything is about how you look but you should want to take pride in your appearance.  You never know who you may see.  I cannot tell you how many times I ran into an ex or saw someone I knew randomly in public (see my blog here) and I was happy that I decided to put some effort into my appearance that day. Otherwise the person may be wondering what the heck happened to me and why I came out of the house looking like road kill.

So in this post I will tell you how to get your sexy back.  It does not mean that you have to be super skinny or go to the grocery store looking you belong in fashion week.  I think that no matter what your style is and no matter your size is you can get your sexy back and present yourself to the world in a way that makes YOU happy.6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

Get Your Sexy Back Tip #1 Take a Look At Yourself

Take a look at yourself. Before you figure out how to get your sexy back you need to figure out where you lost it. And it you really need to be honest with yourself. Step in front of the mirror and see where things are going wrong.  If you look in the mirror and think that you need to  loose weight then be honest with yourself and say that. At one point I had gained so much weight I was heavier than I was when I was nine months pregnant.  That symbolized a problem and I needed to be honest with myself about it and not make excuses for my excessive weight gain and not being able to fit into my clothes.

I am not telling you that you need to go into the mirror and unrealistically tear yourself apart so that you develop a self-esteem issue.  I am saying look at yourself and see where things are going wrong for you that you want to improve.

Do you step out of the house with stains on your clothes? When you go out of the home do people mistake you for a homeless person? Does your hair look like it can have a family of foreign creatures living it? What is it about yourself that you are wondering where it all went wrong? Once you determine what those attributes are, then that is when you can go about fixing them.

Get Your Sexy Back Tip #2 Get Some Confidence

After you took a look at yourself and realized there was somethings you need to work on you may feel like crap.  But even at my heaviest weight you could not tell me that I was not bad. Regardless of what you need to fix about yourself you should still feel good about yourself.  When you have low self-esteem then it can show.

Low self-esteem is apparent in your body language, the way you talk to people, and how you act.  The same is true when you have confidence.  I do not care what is wrong with you, you still need to feel good about yourself (see my blog here).  If you do not feel good about yourself in your current state then no matter what you fix you will still develop a new set of issues.  That is because low self-worth comes from within.

Get Your Sexy Back Tip #3 Care About How You Look

I tend to wear a full face of make up when I leave the house.  It is what I like to do.  Am I saying that it has to be what you like to do? No.  What I am saying is when you leave your house you need to look like a put together woman.  I do not care if you are going to the grocery store.  Your clothes needs to be matching, you hair needs to be presentable, if someone was to see you they still need to say to themselves “Wow that is a nice looking woman.”

Now however you manage that is up to you. There are days when I do not feel like getting dress and then I have my lazy outfit days.  Below is a picture of one of those lazy outfit days.  I have on loose paints, a hooded shirt, and a cap. But guess what? I still look put together.  This particular day I was taking my son to his swim practice.  There was not need to wear a gown and six inch heels, but there was still a need to look presentable.

6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

My point is that no matter where you go you can put some effort in your appearance.  No matter if you dress up or if you dress down.  People should still be able to look at you and say wow she looks good.

Get Your Sexy Back Tip #4 Your Body is Your Temple

Not everyone wants to be a size 2.  For example, for myself, I do not want to be a size two.  I like having curves and I like womanly features.  But as I have gotten older I learned that you must take care of your body.  You do not have to eat right because you want to lose weight.  You should want to eat right because you want your body to last for a very long time.

6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

When you get your sexy back then understand that your body is part of that sexy.  You want it to look its best and you want it to feel its best.  When you start eating right, drinking water, and caring about what you put in your body.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel.  And your outward swag is a part of your sexy.  When you bounce around on the street looking energized and fresh faced, then people will take notice.  When you are stuck on eating fast food and drinking yourself into a coma, then your face will look tired and you will have bags under your eyes.  That is not sexy.  Take care of your temple from the inside and it will show on the outside.  Check out my blog post on how I lost 6 pounds in a week, still eating and with no exercise.

Get Your Sex Back Tip #5 Take Care of Your Skin

On that note you need to take care of your skin. As I mentioned I wear a full face of makeup every day, and there was a time that I neglected my skin. I was looking sexy because of the makeup, but slowly but surely my skin got worse and the makeup was not as effective.  That is because I was not taking care of my skin.  As I get older I know that having a good skin routine is the best think you can do, to keep yourself looking you.


Drink plenty of water. Also check out my blog post on products that can help acne prone skin.  Use face mask, sun screen, and moisturize your face.  The last thing you want is for your skin to look old and dried out before its time.  So take care of you.  Your face is what is presented to the world first, that is why you want it to look its best.

Get Your Sexy Back Tip #6 Keep it Classy

Never mistake getting your sexy back for letting it all hang out and showing your breast and your butt. At the end of the day you are someone’s mother and you should never forget that.  Sexy and classy should go hand and hand. Just because sexy has the word sex in it does not mean that you should go around oozing sex looking like a walking and talking prostitute ready to give it up to the next man that tells you hi.  Keep is classy (see my blog here on how to be classy) that is the best form of sexy that you can be.

Single mom does not have to equal soccer mom that has no sense of direction, fashion, and has to walk around looking like who did it and what for.  You can get your sexy back by following the above tips and I promise you, it will happen in no time. And more than anything, never get your sexy back for other people or even for men. That just shows desperation. Do it for YOU.

6 Ways To Get Your Sexy Back As A Single Mom

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