3 Important Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

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3 Key Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

There are many spiritual benefits of fasting and I am going to lay out the top 3 that I have found to be most beneficial.  But before you can learn what those spiritual benefits are I highly recommend that you read my blog on Spiritual fasting so that you can learn how to fast and why to fast.

Before you understand the benefits of spiritual fasting you must know why you are even going to spiritual fast in the first place.  Also there are various types of fast that you can do.  Check out my Daniel diet vs. Daniel fast post.  But the key is that you have to challenge yourself in order for the fast to be effective.3 Key Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Let’s get into the

3 Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting ~ #1 To Gain Control of Your Flesh

If you are a reader of my blog I talk about getting control of your flesh so many times.  I talked about it in my spiritual benefits of celibacy blog (click here) as well.  As human beings we can be very weak minded and allow our flesh to control us.

In the case of spiritual fasting the biggest fleshly desire that you are going against is your hunger.  When I spoke about controlling your flesh in celibacy it is a little different because you do not need sex to live.  You do need food to live.  And that is the hardest fleshy desire to go against. When your body is telling you to eat but your mind wants to go against it.

During a spiritual fast your stomach is going to tell you that you are hungry and you are going to feel hungry and you may even feel weak. But it is up to your mind to gain control over your flesh and to choose to go on a spiritual fast despite your flesh telling you need to eat.

So you may be wondering why it is important to control your flesh. Controlling your flesh is just the first step to controlling yourself.  Once you are able to control your body when it is in the state of hunger, you will be able to control your body in the state of anger, in the state of fear, and in the state of anything else that your flesh may be feeling. That will lead you to be stable and not being so easily controlled over your emotion or bad situations around you. Having total control over your flesh allows your mind and your soul to be in charge. Not your physical body.

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting ~ #2 To Show God That He is All You Need

Like I said before we need food to live.  If we go too long without food then we can die of starvation.  But when you fast you are literally sending a message to God telling God that you do not need food for survival the only thing you need is Him. And you are trusting that God will fill the void that you are feeling on an empty stomach.

When you are fasting and you are completely able to forget about the hunger that you are feeling and instead you are able to feel God’s presence and allow Him to fill the hunger pains in your body.  That is when you truly become aware that God is your salvation and your provider not food.

3 Key Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

To better explain my point you can read my blog about the Samaritan woman.  Where she was trying to use men to fill a void in her life that only God can fill.

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting  ~ #3 To Make God hear You

How many times have we read in the Bible of people going on fast in order to get their prayer heard?  We have Daniel, David, Esther, Jesus, and Moses who all fasted for a purpose.  The reason fasting makes God hear you is because all of the reasons I just said above.

God knows that you need food, He knows that it is hard to go against your flesh and not eat despite your body telling you to, and He knows that even when you are hungry it is hard to find your only solace in Him.  Which is why He hears your prayers even louder.  It is like your hunger pains are crying out to Him saying God listen to me.  I don’t need food and I feel like I am starving. I don’t need food right now I need an answer to my prayer! And so He is more likely to answer your prayer faster.

These are the top spiritual benefits of fasting. As a person that has done it so many times I can say that I always feel renewed and closer to God during my spiritual fast. Are there any other benefits you have felt while fasting?


3 Key Spiritual Benefits of Fasting